Embarrassing Twitter Poll on Trump Backfires on Leftists

Embarrassing Twitter Poll on Trump Backfires on Leftists

You have to love it when reality crushes the Leftist narrative.

A Twitter page called “Impeach Donald Trump” decided to test the waters. Keep in mind that the people who follow this site are mostly Trump haters. So RINO Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Hollyweirdos, etc “follow” these guys. 

The group put out a poll of its followers, and received interesting feedback.


The question was, “Of the last 4, which is your favorite president?”

The winner: President Trump. 67 percent of the people who follow Impeach Trump say he’s their favorite president. 

Where did Barack Obama come in out of 4? Number 2. He got 22 percent of the vote.

Bush got third with 7 percent. Finally, the first black president Bill Clinton came in last with 4 percent of the vote.

To call this poll shocking is an understatement, particularly given the group who created the ad hoc poll. So what are we to think of this.

Well, as I’ve said of the “official” media polls, disregard them. Trump is popular, and wildly so. No president since Reagan has been able to reach so many people of all social and political ilks. And like Reagan, Trump’s attraction by followers is “sticky”.

Consider Barack Obama, for example. In 2008, the man couldn’t be beaten by anybody, including Reagan. Obama was Prince Charming, despite overwhelming and obvious flaws. Recall the media fawning of 2008, post-election:

The media has been on vacation with Obama, actually since the “invention” of Obama. The recent hard hitting “news” is that Obama returned to the gym the other day, where we are told he has been every day except one.

Based on those pictures I saw at the beach, I hope he’s working on his pecs. My God, slap a B-cup bra on that man to keep those things from sagging. Didn’t anybody tell him that 40 is supposed to be the new 30?

Now of course our media tried to convince us that Obama is a hunk. Right…chicken legs and all. Then they got the liberals outraged that pictures were taken of Obama on the beach, inquiring how photographers were able to get that close.

They got that close, because Obama allowed them get that close. This was all orchestrated, just like Obama never being seen smoking. Up to this point Obama has enjoyed a media lovefest, rivaling the best Roman orgies.

But as my granny told me, “The same thing that can make you can break you“. And this same media that has worshipped at the Altar of ObamaNation is now becoming a bother. It has become so ridiculous that we are being told that Obama was out with his kids, and they had rocky-road ice cream. And why is this news?

By 2012, Obama’s star tarnished substantially. They claimed that it took Hurricane Sandy to get him elected, as Obama used some white woman as his prop for a photo-op. Re-election complete, Obama didn’t disappoint, as his failures as president continued. Towards the end, even blacks were wondering when he would leave.Finally, by 2016 the man was unofficially officially a has-been.

Remember Bill Clinton’s popularity. The man was so popular he raped and molested women and Leftists yelled, “It’s his personal life!!”. Clinton left office highly popular, and typically presidents gain in popularity. That’s not the case for Hillary Clinton’s “not so secret, secret weapon”.

Bill Clinton may have hurt his wife in her second bid to become president of the United States. And for George Bush to finish ahead of Clinton means there is blood in the political waters for the Left.

They know it, thus they clamor for a new message. “Better!” resonates not! And as we chronicled recently, Leftists shifted gears on messaging choosing instead to stop criticizing the president.

Yet, you can bet that within a few days the press hands Americans a new poll.

In their poll(s) Trump’s number will be in the tank, and we will be told that Leftism is winning. But we all know those polls are fabricated. They represent what the Left wants us to believe. However, as we can see when they put out their own ad hoc polls and allow the people to respond, we get a lot closer to the truth.

Now some will argue that Conservatives hit this poll hard. Certainly, that’s a possibility. However, remember that this poll came from a site of Trump haters. They would have seen it first, responded then likely retweeted to their followers and so on. The reality is, this poll more closely represents reality than any professional poll we see.



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