It’s OFFICIAL: Eric Bolling OUT at Fox News after report of lewd text messages

It’s OFFICIAL: Eric Bolling OUT at Fox News after report of lewd text messages

It’s official: Fox News host Eric Bolling loses his job.

Bolling leaves the network on the heels of a report that he had sent lewd text messages to female colleagues.

And in further news, Fox News reported the network is canceling “The Specialists,” the late afternoon talk show co-hosted by Bolling. The show launched earlier this year in the shake-up that occurred with the departures of Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly.

Sources say the break-up between Fox News and Bolling is “amicable”

“We thank Eric for his ten years of service to our loyal viewers and wish him the best of luck,” the statement said.

Bolling’s alleged behavior was detailed last month in a story published by HuffPost. He denied those allegations and later sued the reporter who wrote the HuffPost story, Yashar Ali. I’m curious to see how that lawsuit pans out.

Ironically, the news arrived of Bolling’s departure comes on the day of Charle Payne’s return.

Payne, a host on Fox’s sister network Fox Business, will return to his job following an investigation into his own alleged sexual misconduct. Payne has denied the allegations against him.

TBS wrote about this story, and we figured Payne would eventually get his job back.

What the hell could Scottie Nell Hughes have been thinking in accusing Charles Payne of sexual harassment?

That’s like the wolf accusing the rabbit of abuse for not being a better meal.

Hey Scottie, next time just release a sex tape, and LET THE CAREER BEGIN!

I wrote recently of my first encounter, strike that…the first time I met with Hughes, PUBLICLY with LOTS of other people around. The look in her eye was predatory, though not towards me.

She had set her sights on the man who had hired me as a consultant to his Tea Party organization. I’m not implying how she became intricate to the organization, but she did and faster than I’d seen it happen. I have no proof of any shenanigans, except that the woman practically ran the organization afterwards.

I learned quickly that Scottie Nell Hughes was her own weather system, a hurricane as it were. She needed attention and lots of it. And to call what she had “blind ambition” is crazy, as her eyes were wide open to her goals.

I recognized Hughes for what she was. She was the chick who dated you, only until something better came along.

So after using up her grassroots leaders, Hughes went big time, as she finally got inside of Fox News. Once inside of Fox News, Hughes’ hunt began, and Charles Payne stepped into her cross-hairs.


We wish Eric Bolling success and are happy to see Charles Payne return to Fox Business.

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