NASCAR and Other Feel-Good National Anthem Stories

NASCAR and Other Feel-Good National Anthem Stories

There were many feel good stories that came from this weekend idiot NFL players protested on behalf of Kaepernick.

Players and coaches said things like, “Our protest is not against the national anthem or the flag, blah blah blah!”. They are all liars.

Many blacks in America HATE this country. To that I say “F*ck them!”. As far as I’m concerned, they should all be forced to go to the country or continent of their choices, but no more America.

And that cancer spreads. Check out this Muslim family:

Thankfully, President Trump has stirred a controversy long overdue for discussion.

The president called out the NFL for its pandering to blacks who dare disrespect this country with their abject bullsh*t about police targeting and so on.

On the heels of this comes Stephen Curry saying he didn’t want to go to the White House for the championship team visit. President Trump did the right thing and rescinded the invitation. Awesome!

The NFL will take it in the shorts this weekend, and for quite some time. I predict the NFL has “split its pants” publicly, and will see its downfall continue. But NASCAR has set a different set of rules for its athletes.

According to the Associated Press, several NASCAR team owners said Sunday they would not condone racers protesting during the national anthem.

Reports are there were no protests reported during “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in New Hampshire. Moreover, former NASCAR champion Richard Petty told the AP that any member of his team would be fired if they chose to protest the national anthem. Petty now owns Richard Petty Motorsports.

“Anybody that don’t stand up for the anthem oughta be out of the country. Period. What got ’em where they’re at? The United States,” Petty said.

Let’s look at some feel-good stories:

For example, the Houston Texans ALL stood for the national anthem.

To all the players in the NFL who stood proud for flag and country, “We SALUTE you!”.

And for these piece of crap Leftists who wonder what that “cloth” known as Old Glory is all about, this video explains it.

Earlier we chronicled Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This former Army Ranger is a hero to all Americans, and not because he plays football!

As you can see, Steelers fans didn’t like that coach Mike Tomlin kept the team in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem.

I don’t know who these two black players are, but I created a meme asking young black men to “Be them!”.

Check out how empty this stadium is. And things will only get worse.

We will report on the NFL stats soon.

Signs like this appeared all over the country!

Kudos to America for showing that country trumps dumb a$$ athletes.

One of my favorite national anthem stories involves someone not from America. Yet he shows the most amazing respect during an interview.

Visit here for my FAVORITE of the national anthem stories!

The best of America comes out during adversity. And we will see many more stories like this, until the Left understands that America will not fall to progressivism.


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