Floyd Mayweather: TRUMP DEFENDER SLAMS Leftists [VIDEO]

Floyd Mayweather: TRUMP DEFENDER SLAMS Leftists [VIDEO]

Boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. may be the best-known boxer in history.

The “pound for pound” champ comes off his marquee victory over MMA fighter Conor McGregor, and he gave a lengthy interview Monday to Hollywood Unlocked. The discussion focused a lot on boxing. However, the retired undefeated champion took time to speak about his views on Donald Trump.

A portion of the interview is featured above (warning: strong language) and the The Daily Wire summarized other pertinent parts of the boxer’s interview:

You may be surprised at Floyd Mayweather’s views, as they likely mirror your own. For example, Mayweather spoke on racism (Language warning):

I think a lot, within this world, like I said, racism still exists. You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist until he ran for president and won. Before that, everyone was like, “Oh, he on WWE. He on different shows.” Everybody, they liked Donald Trump. As soon as he ran for president, because, people don’t like the truth.”

As Conservatives know, racism exists, but not in the proportions Leftists want to present. Further, the biggest racists in America are Leftists.

Mayweather addressed the undisclosed tape incident where then-candidate Trump discussed how “easy” some women can be when you are a billionaire or a star:

Mayweather also dismissed news media apoplexy over the released Access Hollywood (“grab her by the p****”) tape:

He speak like a real man spoke. Real man speak, like, “Man, she had a fat a**. Did you see that a**? I had to squeeze her a**. I had to grab that fat a**.” Right?

So, he talkin’ locker room talk. You know what I’m sayin’? “I’m the man. You know me, I grabbed her by the p****. And?”

Essentially Floyd Mayweather said that people liked Trump more, because he spoke “real talk”. And what the Left thought would destroy him, made him even more likable.

In another excerpt from this very revealing interview, Mayweather sums up the Trump victory as follows:

I feel people shy away from realness. This man didn’t do nothin’. Hey, listen. If y’all didn’t want the man in the White House, y’all should’ve voted the other way. He didn’t rob, he done his homework. He done what he had to do and he got there. I’m not here to knock nobody.

To that point, understand the mindset of an accomplished fighter. Mayweather understands Donald Trump, because Mayweather worked for his accomplishments. He sees that in the president. They underestimated Trump, but he put in work; he hit the gym every day. And when it was time for the fight, the time for talking ended.

Perhaps Mayweather’s most telling part of the interview came in this comment, where he discusses protesting and picketing.

So at the end of the day, I don’t know why everybody keeps bitching about, and keeps picketing, and holding, they walking, “We don’t want!”; protesting, “We don’t want this happening!” My man, all that time you spend protesting, you keep be at home writing down ideas, coming up with a business.

If anybody knows this, it’s Mayweather. He knows the environment his father grew up in, and what Mayweather, Sr accomplished. Jr took the baton and ran.

So Mayweather knows what America can do for you, if you are willing to work. He goes on to comment about illegal immigration, and other so-called controversial subjects. What should have the Left reeling is that Mayweather is not an outlier in the black community. His views represent many in the black community, and are a big reason Trump got elected.

This interview should be shown to every Leftist you know, particularly black Leftists. They need to see a warrior like Mayweather standing up for the president.

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