Hollywood Actor in Thailand: ‘F-ck You I’m an American I can do what I want!’ [VIDEO]

Hollywood Actor in Thailand: ‘F-ck You I’m an American I can do what I want!’ [VIDEO]

Meet they typical Hollywood a$$hole.

You may not know this man, but you certainly know his type. While in Thailand, Geoffrey Giuliano played Robert De Niro and George Clooney rolled into one giant entitled package.

And these are the people who “represent” America abroad. Sure America has its ordinary Joe bumpkins who visit Paris with their language books and irritate a few French purists. However, America’s reputation abroad is formed by those who go abroad routinely, to place like Cannes.

The Hollyweird elitists and their ilk are the reason Americans are considered boorish. Hollywood elitists make New Yorkers look like monks in comparison. So when I learned of one such B-lister who decided to inflict himself on Thailand, I wasn’t surprised. As the Daily Mail documented,

This is the bizarre moment an American actor allegedly barged into the checkout queue – before yelling ‘f*** you, I’m a American, I do what I want’.

Geoffrey Giuliano, 63, had been visiting a Big-C supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand, when he appeared to push in front of another customer.

The French expat – who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of a revenge attack from the actor – claims Giuliano then threw around 25 items onto the conveyor belt which was in the ‘ten items or fewer’ zone.

He began filming Giuliano – even telling him he would share it publicly – who then launched a foul-mouthed rant in front of his own wife and child.

Who does this?

I’m sure I speak for many Americans in saying that as proud American as I am, I would never disrespect people as this butt-munch did.

The Daily Mail continues,

Giuliano – wearing several press passes with his name on – said: ‘You’re not intimidating me by that camera, I’m an actor.’

The Frenchman replied: ‘I’m just waiting for the next round, because what you said about America was very interesting.’

Giuliano, originally from Rochester, New York, then appeared to become even more aggressive as he begins swearing and moving towards the filmer.

He said: ‘Go f*** yourself, OK. Go f*** yourself, OK, let’s get it real straight. You can go f*** yourself, OK.

‘I’m an American, I do what I want, we’re the kings of the world, OK.

”We’re professional a*******. We have taken being a******* to the highest possible f****** level in this world.’

The Frenchman said: ‘I agree with you.’ Giuliano replied: ”You agree, so we have a point of agreement. Now next time mind your own f****** business.”

As I indicated earlier, Leftists are the professional a*******, not Conservatives.

And you can bet the froggies were happy to see our Marines land at Normandy to save their chickensh*t butts.

Interestingly, it was the cowardice of the Frenchman that caused this incident. According to the article,

The Frenchman who filmed the video said: ‘I was queuing in the checkout for under ten items when he pushed in front. He had about 25 items and there were other checkouts that were empty.

‘He threw his items down and was aggressive. I think a watermelon and a banana broke.

‘Then he said about being American and being able to do what he wanted so I started filming him. He said it again and started swearing in front of his wife and children.

I understand how people get the wrong idea about Americans, when guys like this get the press. But we certainly have the right idea about the French. Still too chicken to fight their own battles.

The Frenchman went on to say,

‘His wife was friendly and looked embarrassed by his behaviour. He clearly thought he was a big shot actor that could do what he wanted.

‘Nobody has the right to act like this. But I think that Hollywood celebrities and actors are crazy right now. They think they can do and say anything they want and somehow they’re still right.

‘I do not want my name to be public. He has money and in this country that can buy anything, absolutely anything. He obviously has some connections so I would be afraid of a revenge or retaliation attack if he knew my details.’

Who is Geoffrey Giuliano?

According to his Imdb:

Geoffrey Giuliano has been a professional actor from the age of twelve. Earning a Master’s degree in Acting/Directing in 1976 Giuliano went on to work extensively in the theatre as well as doing literally hundreds of voice overs and narrations for both syndicated radio and within the international audio book industry. Geoffrey now works almost exclusively as an actor in film and television.

Giuliano is also the author of some thirty internationally bestselling books on the Beatles, John Lennon and other iconic musicians of the 1960’s including ‘The Beatles / A Celebration’,’ John Lennon My Brother’, ‘Dark Horse / The Life & Art Of George Harrison’, ‘Blackbird / The Life & Times Of Paul McCartney’, The Beatles Album / Thirty Years Of Music & Memorabilia’, ‘The Rolling Stones Album / Thirty Years Of Music & Memorabilia’, ‘The Lost Beatles Interviews’, ‘Behind Blue Eye’s / The Life Of Pete Townshend’, ‘The Lost John Lennon Interviews’, ‘John Lennon & Paul McCartney / Behind The Myth’, ‘Things We Said Today / Conversations With The Beatles’,’Glass Onion / The Beatles In Their Own Words’,’ Lennon In America / Based On The Lost John Lennon Diaries 1971-1980′ and ‘Revolver / The Secret Life Of The Beatles amongst them. In 2005 his book, ‘Paint It Black’ / The Murder Of Brian Jones’ was made into a feature film by Stephen Wooly entitled, ‘Stoned / The Wild & Wicked World Of Brian Jones.’

 Giuliano starred in a number of movies including Dragonwolf and The Sixth Element.




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