GREAT NEWS: NFL Suffers Another Embarrassing Opening

GREAT NEWS: NFL Suffers Another Embarrassing Opening

Leftists take a while to learn their lessons.

While the NFL comes off one of its worst years in decades, they still don’t get it.

The NFL Commissioner had the chance to stop the bleeding, but he fumbled.

If Goodell had said to these black babies, “Anybody who doesn’t stand for the national anthem will be suspended indefinitely from the league without pay,” you’d see where the loyalty lies for these clowns.

However, instead of warning these social justice pansies, aka the ethnocentric black racist that the league won’t tolerate disrespecting America, ergo the fans of the sport, Roger Goodell punted. He condoned black wannabe terrorists who opt to sit out the national anthem.

And now he pays the price.

As Breitbart reported,

The NFL opened its 2017 season Thursday night, in much the same way that it played out the 2016 season. The game featured the team that won the final game of the year last season, the game was high-scoring with plenty of offense, the game featured an anthem protest, and the league’s ratings went down.

The game between the Chiefs and the Patriots drew a 14.6 overnight rating on NBC.  That rating is down nearly two full points from last year’s 16.5 number for the Panthers-Broncos opener, and more than three points down from the Steelers-Patriots opener in 2015.

I can honestly say that I had no idea the season opener was last Thurs. Thus, I had no idea who was playing. But if I had known about the season opener, I assure you I wouldn’t have known who was playing.

The Breitbart article asked, “Why, the steep decline?”

I think I just gave you a big part of the answer. Frankly, I believe many earlier revelation fit many Americans.

Breitbart suggests,

While the ratings have clearly trended down for a number of seasons, last night’s game did feature an anthem protest from Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, and it’s entirely likely that many tuned-out after seeing that:

Link to Twitter of photo below:


David Eulitt is the staff photographer for the Chiefs. He document the insolence by the Chief’s cornerback, Marcus Peterson. You can bet there will be ramifications, just not by the NFL.

As for who’s to blame for the ratings, I know it’s because of Conservatives. However, currently Shaun “I wish I were really black” King wants to take credit for our moves.

He’s called for a complete boycott of the NFL. King would like to think that BLM is responsible for the drop in ratings, but he’s just hanging onto our coattails. The drop in ratings was clearly well underway, and we weren’t finished by a long-shot.

Some blamed the drop on Hurricane Irma. That suggestion is laughable, and an obvious grasp at straws. No hurricane is responsible for a 12 percent drop in ratings, unless that hurricane is named Trump.

Consider that 44 percent of fans said they would stop watching the NFL if the anthem protests continued. A J.D. Power survey indicated that most fans cited the anthem protests as the main reason why they stopped watching the league last year.

So what’s changed? Nothing. The NFL went silent, hoping the problems would go away. However, not only did the problems not disappear, but instead the problems grew.

Blacks protested on behalf of Colin Kaepernick, so the NFL’s silence backfired.

First, these protest for this loser only reinforced Americans feeling towards the NFL. Again, they missed the opportunity to say to Kaepernick that there is no place in the league for people like him, regardless of talent level.

Second, the NFL could lose some black audience, given that no team wants Kaepernick.

I go back to my earlier comment, where I mentioned what Goodell should have said. If Goodell had made it clear that for Kaepernick to come back to the NFL, he would agree to stand for the anthem. In fact, I heard that Kaepernick had already agreed with to this with at least one team. Regardless, the onus would have been on Kaepernick to decide what’s worth more: playing the sport he loves for millions or standing on principle.

Moreover, a staunch statement against such antics, and the NFL is back on track.

Back to the ratings.

It’s important that the NFL is clear on who affects its ratings the most. Conservatives are responsible for the ratings drop. Our dollars fuel the U.S. economy, and allow for indulgences like season tickets to ball games, and the purchase of NFL gear. For Conservatives to allow BLM to co-opt the work done by the us would be a mistake of the highest order.

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