Harvey Victims LASH OUT: ‘Americans Aren’t What the Media Says We Are’

Harvey Victims LASH OUT: ‘Americans Aren’t What the Media Says We Are’

There is a reason America is the greatest country in the world, and it’s summed up one word: Americans.

I define American as one who wants to Make America Great, and believes in “America first!”.

America sets the tone for the rest of the world. We are the most responsible country, as well as the most giving nation on the planet. Blessed by God, Americans understand that our American Spirit acts as an empowering force in all the world.

The American Spirit plays out millions of times daily, yet the media and other Leftists intentionally overlook that goodness. Leftists choose instead to amplify the noise; noise usually of Leftists’ creation.

A good example? We are told that Colin Kaepernick is oppressed. Leftists recently held a support rally in New York for a multi-millionaire athlete who opted out of his contract to test the free-agency market. He got his answer, and now the result is racism.

The irony of Leftists who feel the need to protect a black multi-millionaire from the oppression of racist American capitalism?

Meanwhile back in Houston…

Greg Gutfeld note the real Americans in his show commentary:

“So, you know else takes a hit when disaster strikes? Opinions slingers like me, who are sidelined as we become like you, witnesses to real news, not fake news, real news. When all you have are visuals of human misery and human spirit, who needs me? The only thing that matters is helping the helpless,”

As I alluded earlier, Leftists are replete with subterfuge. Gutfeld mentioned nonsense news like “identity politics, MTV awards, [and] Kathy Griffin,” which “return to where they belong, toys in the closet, suddenly outgrown and forgettable.”

Gutfeld’s continues:

“Shallow minds can’t survive a flood, although some have tried. Slate, a blog, calls the heroism that we’ve seen a myth. Climate change apostles use crisis to mock skeptics. Academics joke about karma. The media knocks Melania for her shoes, and knocks Mr. Trump for his lack of empathy,”

Trump’s handling of Harvey reaches rock star level by anybody’s standards. He released the first disaster payments at the speed of light. And I’m not one for “reassuring presence,” however Trump’s visit to Corpus Christi inspired many. In fact, we documented the greeting Trump received by Texans, and mind-boggling captures the reception.

Remember the Katrina coverage?

Louisiana Governor and Mayor of New Orleans (both Democrats) embarrassed themselves.

Governor Blanco delayed deploying National Guard troops for days, while Mayor Nagin pushed blame to Bush, as buses were not utilized to remove people.

They delayed the Red Cross from entering New Orleans, and created a host of unforced errors. Now Blanco is gone, and of course Nagin is in prison.

Only weeks ago, the Left used Charlottesville to yet again indict America. We are a nation divided (by Trump) according to the Left. They don’t blame the most racist president of the 20th and 21st centuries, Barack Obama. Instead they place untenable race relations on a reality-star billionaire who made the unfortunate choice (accord to Leftists) of becoming a Republican…PRESIDENT!

Leftists ruined race-relations in America, and they have tried to ruin America.

And if Harvey teaches anything, it’s that President Trump cares for ALL Americans. 

As Gutfeld concluded,

Now, Harvey arrives to repudiate that notion, writing a perspective that had been wronged for so long. We aren’t what the media says we are. Divided, hateful, evil, but the news has been telling us for years has been dispelled in just a few days. There is no room for spin when you see those rescues with your very own eyes. Americans are what those pictures are, selfless, color blind, inspiring. The news may be bad. But for once it shows us who you are really in time of crisis, good.

America witnessed brother helping brother in Houston and the surrounding area. We saw the American Spirit in all its splendor, on full display.

There were no gang wars, immigration battles, gender issues, or religious litmus tests. What Harvey showed is what America is truly about. When the chips are down, we all show up to help.

Did the Leftist media cover this outpouring of love and support? Sure. For ratings. And you can bet that it won’t be long before that same media reverts back to what it does best: divide.

Thanks to the Texans who reminded the media that Americans aren’t what the media says we are. Moreover, thanks to them for the many images of the true American Spirit, as they helped debunk the fake news media narrative.

The Tea Party Community will arrive soon in Houston to do our part to help dispel yet another fake news narrative. If you want to help, contact us here, and we will get back with you shortly with details. Please put HARVEY in the Subject line.

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