Jobless and No Prospects: Jennifer Lawrence Takes a “Career Break”

Jobless and No Prospects: Jennifer Lawrence Takes a “Career Break”

Funny how Hollyweirdos see things. One of Hollywood’s most top paid actresses and most sought out performers, Jennifer Lawrence, revealed she in jobless.

And on top of that, the outspoken Leftist has no job in queue.

Hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence, the star of Hunger Games announced she is having trouble getting booked for any new movies. Thus, the “career break”.

DML Daily has the scoop:

“Trump-trashing actress Jennifer Lawrence told NBC’s Today co-host Savannah Guthrie Thursday that she’s planning on taking a break from her career after revealing that she isn’t booked to take on any new projects for the foreseeable future. “I don’t have anything set for two years,” she said.

“I think I’m just taking a little break,” she told Guthrie before saying, “I’ll see you in six months.”

I’m not really surprised at Jennifer’s latest career troubles as her last few movies have been complete disasters flopping at the box office. Her most recent film Mother!  brought in a humiliating 8 million-opening weekend.

The Daily Mail criticized the movie saying:

Jennifer Lawrence‘s new movie Mother! has left critics bemused and baffled, with one labeling it the ‘worst movie of the century’.

Directed by her partner Darren Aronofsky, the grim psychological thriller is causing audiences to leave in a daze, stunned by the ‘tasteless nightmare’ as one review dubbed it.

New York Observer critic Rex Reed said, ‘With so much crap around to clog the drain, I hesitate to label it the ‘Worst movie of the year’, when ‘Worst movie of the century’ fits it even better.

For the record, a “career break” means she’s unemployed.

Truth be told, Lawrence isn’t that good of an actress. As one of the characters in Get Shorty said, “I’ve seen better film on teeth.”

Why hath Hollywood forsaken its latest darling? Lawrence gave Hollywood what it wanted, so why the diss?

Lawrence is pro-Hillary Clinton ergo anti-Donald Trump. Generally speaking, that’s all it takes to be a success in Hollywood these days.

Look at the Emmy’s, a veritable homage to “Trump haters,” and filled with comedic hacks who would have no careers without their “jokes” bashing the president.

Prior to Lawrence’s outspoken views against President Trump and the millions who voted for him, she actually had a career on a rocket. How else do you bring in $408 million, as she did with The Hunger Games, on opening night. Add to that $200 million for X-men and $132 million for Silver Lining Playbook. Not bad for a chick who came essentially out of nowhere.

But something happened. Not just to Lawrence, who became an outspoken critic of President Trump as she joined the feminazis.

We’ve come to expect this from some. But generally not ingenues. Politics is for the more experienced complainers.

Not Lawrence. She felt her oats, as they say in the country. For her, she will have made it, when she could bash the president.

Thus, during a promotional tour for the final installation of the “Hunger Games” movie franchise in 2015, Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly:

 “If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.”

Then, during a 2016 appearance on the “Graham Norton Show,” Lawrence told the story that she once had the opportunity to express herself to Donald Trump, who was the GOP presidential front runner at the time:

 “I was at a concert that I heard he was attending, so I had my full security, I was like, ‘Find Donald Trump. Because I was adamant on finding him and then making a video of me going, “Hey Trump, F*uck You!”

To top it all off, recently she blamed the devastating hurricanes on Trump calling the storms “mother natures wrath” in an interview with The Guardian:

“…And we voted, and it was really startling,” Lawrence said. “You know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath.”

I’m not one to say that Hollywood now punishes Lawrence. They just aren’t quite there yet.

However, the box office crash of Hollywood may have made them a bit more circumspect. Bashing Trump hasn’t benefited anybody. Just ask Kathy Griffin.

Nor has bashing Conservatism helped Target, Starbucks, or anybody else.

Perhaps Hollywood is teaching a lesson to itself.

We have said it before and we will say it again, the glitz of Hollywood grows dim. And until the hateful rhetoric changes from the Left, Hollyweirds, like Jennifer Lawrence will continue to get hammered financially.

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