John Legend Music Video Casting Call for White ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters

John Legend Music Video Casting Call for White ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters

John Legend is one of the most over-rated entertainers in America.

His music compositions are pedestrian, at best. Legend proves it doesn’t take much to entertain the brain-dead Lefties. The guy is worse than Hollywood, as he creates “retread” music.

That’s likely why the guy makes political statements. If he can get Leftist morons frothing at the mouth, then they buy his drivel. Listen to any Legend song, and you learn quickly he’s a legend in his own mind. Thus, the name change from John Roger Stephens to John Legend.

Check out how The Guardian described his sixth album.

Legend, 38, released his sixth album, Darkness and Light, last December, which earned praise from the Guardian for its “musical weirdness and lyrical bleakness”. Now he is preparing for an arena tour of Britain this autumn, where he will be joined by his 16-month-old daughter, Luna, who does not much appreciate this whole interview thing.

You can bet Legend took that description as a compliment. And like George Clooney who has a new movie coming soon, Legend uses Donald Trump to help promote his “musical weirdness and lyrical bleakness”.

Thus, as TMZ reports, Legend wants to cast out of shape Trump supporters.

The notice posted on the Los Angeles-based Casting Networks calls for eight white actors, men and women ages 30-65, to play Trump supporters protesting at a rally.

“Preferably out of shape,” reads the casting call obtained by the outlet. “The camera will pass by them as they stand and rally.”

LOL. Legend wants to portray Trump supporters as fat. Fat-shaming I believe is the term.

I wonder what the “tolerant” Left will think of this?

As for the rest of the video, Legend wants to remind America of the Left’s stance on all “subcultures”.

In addition to the call for Trump supporters, the music video shoot — apparently scheduled to take place September 8 — is also seeking ten “young and blonde” actors, preferably with “very short hair or short on sides, long on top” to play “white, male protestors.”

The notice also calls for ten black men and women to play Black Lives Matter protesters, and for two female actresses “who are willing to kiss on camera” with the protest scene unfolding in the background, to “show that there is no segregation in love.”

“Casting one Hispanic and one Caucasian,” the call for the actresses reads. “No sexuality or nudity just kissing.”

John Legend appears happy to support the real racist, Hillary Clinton.

The 38-year-old “All of Me” singer/moron campaigned extensively for former Democratic presidential candidate and loser Hillary Clinton during the 2016 race. And Legend shows his open disdain for Trump, while supporting a woman whose husband is a rapist and a racist.

Legend had the nerve to compare Trump supporters to those in the 19th century who allowed the “evil institution” of slavery to exist for so many years. In June of last year he commented:

“We, as a nation, can’t go back to a dark place, and it could happen if we let the wrong person into office and impose the wrong regime on this country,” Legend told Variety in an interview at the time. “I’m sure people in the 1800s didn’t think they were evil people, but they allowed an evil institution to last for quite a long time.”

Recently in an interview with journalist Lauren Duca published in The Guardian, Legend opined of Trump:

“I think Trump is an embarrassment to the country,” he said. “And his approval rating is terrible.”

Trash-talking Trump is becoming the kiss of death. I don’t wish anybody bad luck, generally. However, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t hope these so-called entertainers didn’t fall on hard times. My secret-shame is that I hope they all go bankrupt, and it is directly related to Trumplash.



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