Leftist Group Offers FREE ABORTIONS to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Leftist Group Offers FREE ABORTIONS to Hurricane Harvey Victims

The Left’s novel approach to helping poor displaced minorities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is to kill their babies.

And I love how Planned Parenthood hides behind front organizations like Whole Woman’s Health when plotting the destruction of minorities, specifically blacks.

As FOX News reports,

Whole Woman’s Health, a reproductive health care organization, in collaboration with other groups, is offering free abortions to women affected by Hurricane Harvey.

That’s right. Instead of offering real help, this organization offers its services to kill children. I can’t imagine how this would be received if Donald Trump offered it?

The story continues,

At least 74 women have already taken the organization up on the offer, or have scheduled an appointment for the procedure, the Dallas Morning News reported. The price will be fully covered, as will the cost of transportation and accommodations, the group said.

And you can bet some of these young black women will love being picked up in a car to go on their date with the Devil. For many of them, the outing to kill their child may be their first real date in years. Hopefully Whole Woman’s Health will throw in a meal and leave a few dollars on the dresser. After all, they do plan to sell the baby parts.

And what exactly does “Whole Woman’s Health” mean?

Can a woman be whole and not kill her children? I’m just curious.

As Texas Right to Life argues, is this abortion really free? After all, there is a vehicle picking up these women, and some doctor will perform the execution. Rightly, Texas Right to Life believes “there is always a cost.”

“The promotion of this heinous no-cost service is riddled with fallacies because abortion is never free,” Melissa Conway, director of external relations for Texas Right to Life, told Baptist Press. “There is always a cost to abortion. Women are not free from the emotional toll that ensues after abortion and the child is certainly not free to live another day. Abortions, just like the catastrophic effects of a hurricane, are never free and we, as a community, pay the price for their needless destruction.”

One would think that post-Hurricane Harvey the baby-killers could find a more novel way to help. I understand that Whole Woman’s Health ultimately wants to kills the “human weeds,” as the founder of Planned Parenthood called black people. However, at least sneak up on the subject. Whole Woman’s Life blatantly uses the crisis of Hurricane Harvey to kill black babies and harvest the body parts.

You know the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards has already called dibs on these baby parts. I can see the advertisements now at the clinics. “Get your Hurricane Harvey special now!”

At least these women who take them up on their offer to kill their unborn children will have a story to tell.

“I road out Hurricane Harvey, killed my kid, and gave the baby parts to Planned Parenthood!”

I wonder if the government will count these children in the final tally of the dead due to Hurricane Harvey?

Perhaps Cecile Richards will add this chapter to her upcoming book. I wrote this of her upcoming book.

I’m not sure what Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards will call her memoir, so I thought I would name it appropriately: I LOVE Killing Negroes!

Richards is giddy about her work. After all, not only does Planned Parenthood kill black babies at 300 percent more than other races, they also got away with selling the baby parts.

But Cecile Richards beams:

“Some news: I’m writing a book!” Richards wrote on Twitter. “Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned from years of activism & troublemaking.”

That’s right; Richards loves sharing. Her activism and troublemaking.

Rich white Leftists making money off her activism and troublemaking. And you need to know that Leftists adore Richards for doing her part to make killing black babies fashionable.

Evil is rarely as ugly as people think. In fact, evil often comes dressed to kill.

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