List of NFL Sponsors: Let’s hit them where it hurts

For far too long we’ve allowed Leftists to define American values.

Then, the Tea Party Community fought back. And we found our champion in straight-talking President Donald Trump.

Yet again, Trump saves America from itself. The political-correct culture was ruining this country, and unchecked would have devastating impact.

I argued on Cavuto today that what President Trump did by calling out the NFL has far-reaching ramifications. Sports was not supposed to be political, but that’s what it has evolved into. But this is more than about sports.

The NFL manufactures a product. They put the product out to the public mostly on Sundays, and now they offer a tainted product. We now reject that product. You can’t spit in our coffee and expect us to drink it, let alone pay for it.

President Trump’s declaration against the NFL is about business. The NFL and all other businesses should want to provide a superior product, and not social-engineering of America.

We’ve seen the outcome with companies like Starbucks. TBS wrote a while back of that company’s woes:

Proving that playing politics isn’t good business, the designer coffee giant concedes defeat.

Politically divisive leadership at the helm of Starbucks left conservatives out in the cold for years. And now Starbucks pays a heavy price.

Five straight quarters of decreased sales prove that the Conservative dollar matters. Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schulz’ repeated attacks on Conservatives hit the coffee giant where it hurts the most…in the pocketbook.

Starbucks knows why their sales have fallen, and it’s not a softening of the market. To admit that would mean to admit that Obama’s economy wasn’t working.

Although Obama is partly to blame, the bigger impact to Starbuck’s bottom line was abandonment by Conservatives. And Wall Street agrees.

Financial analysts blame Schultz’s Leftist activism.

And what of Target’s stance on bathrooms for transgender? How did that work out for them?

We wrote at the time,

Brian Cornell now regrets his company’s policy announcement that encouraged men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms.

A new Wall Street Journal article revealed that Target’s CEO knows he made a mistake.

As Cornell admitted in an email to staff:

“Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash [the American Family Association boycott] was self-inflicted.”

In other words, Conservatives win again.

When the Left targeted Hobby Lobby, Conservative made sure our dollars were spent at Hobby Lobby. The Left then targeted Chick-fil-A, and the cars lined up in huge numbers at the Christian-based fast food restaurant.

It’s time we support President Trump, and showcase the companies who finance the NFL.

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