Mark Zuckerburg Gets Schooled on Democracy After Latest Move

Mark Zuckerburg is Schooled on Democracy After Latest Move

It’s no secret. Facebook censors conservatives. Furthermore, Facebook promotes the liberal agenda.

Zuckerburg; Kevin JacksonSocial Media should treat all people the same. The only remarks that should be censored are threats or seriously derogatory statements. Political banter from the left and the right should be left alone for the people to like, or dislike. However, Zuckerburg believes he has the power to control the narrative.

In fact, maybe this goes much deeper than we imagined. Perhaps Zuckerburg is really a Russian agent. I bet his real name is Sergei Petrovsky. The guy steals technology to build a media platform. Then he runs the place like the Soviet Politburo. And now he has the gall to believe he is protecting Democracy.

It may sound far-fetched, but why not? It certainly fits in with the rest of the Russian narrative leftists keep pushing. In case you live under a rock, you might not know that Facebook censors Conservatives. Mark “Petrovsky” believes in one thing…Leftism. And the world knows it.

According to the Conservative Firing Line:

On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a pledge to protect “election integrity” and democracy from the possibility of foreign meddling after promising to provide details to congressional investigators about ads purchased by Russians during the 2016 elections.
“The integrity of our elections is fundamental to democracy around the world,” said Zuckerberg. “That’s why we’ve built teams dedicated to working on election integrity and preventing governments from interfering in the elections of other nations.”

Zuckerburg even put out a video explaining that Facebook was duped by the Russians. But, as you will see, this new video is a complete 180 from his previous stance.

Zuckerburg Failed to Impress

Even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes found the Zuckerberg video weird.

Internet videographer and Conservative smart-ass Mark Dice chimed in.


Social media went nuts as people schooled Zuckerberg on the actual definition of democracy.

As for the controversial ads,  the majority of them didn’t focus on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Second, total sales amount is somewhere around $100,000, which is actually a very small amount for a two-year time-frame, and hardly enough to influence an election where almost $2 billion was spent.

$100,000 wouldn’t pay for Hillary Clinton’s yoga lessons or Joe Biden’s hair plugs. Lord knows $100,000 is the jumping off point for any Obama vacation. So why they consternation?

As The Daily Caller pointed out:

The majority of the ads touched on highly contentious social issues, like race, gun rights, gay rights, and immigration. Facebook recently confirmed that Russian operatives deceitfully organized and promulgated political protests in America through the ads.

Like what? Putin isn’t so bad? Or Barack Obama wasn’t all that and a bag of chips? What could $100,000 over two years possibly do to disrupt the political process, except to feed the frenzy that the Russians did it?!

Are Dems Really Seeking Disclosure?

Two Democrats propose legislation that will require social media to be more transparent. The law would require platforms with more than a million users to state who paid for the ads being run. Furthermore, they would need to provide detailed information such as who the targeted audience was, how much was spent, the buyer’s contact information, and so on.

Do you really believe the Democrats who cheated Bernie Sanders, gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions, and hide killing black people under the guise of “women’s rights” would really want to be open about their political ad buys?

I suggest the Democrats remember Fast and Furious, the Benghazi “video”, death by VA waiting list, IRS targeting of Conservative groups, before committing to complete disclosure.

Nevertheless, Zuckerburg says he’s on board with the new plans.

“We are in a new world,” Zuckerberg said. “It is a new challenge for internet communities to have to deal with nation states attempting to subvert elections. But if that’s what we must do, we are committed to rising to the occasion.”

Sure, as Facebook has done with the targeting of Conservatives. They have risen to the occasion, as they continue to oppress Conservatives on Facebook.

Could this be a knee-jerk response to the election of 2016?

Imagine Zuckerberg determining on his own what is considered subversive. That’s what he currently does.


For as long as Zuckerburg tries to drown out the voice of conservatism, he will remain an enemy of democracy.

For now,Leftists beam with joy knowing that the man building the most anti-American, pro-Leftist platform on the planet is staunchly regressive. They applaud Zuckerberg’s censorship of Conservatives and his Nazi-on-steroids tactics to do so.

Let’s hope Conservatives wake up soon, or we will be firmly entrenched in the kill zone. Right where Zuckerberg assembled us.

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