McCain blasts Trump as ‘Poorly informed’ often ‘Impulsive’

McCain blasts Trump as ‘Poorly informed’ often ‘Impulsive’

Senator John McCain makes it difficult to feel sorry for him even though he has brain cancer.

In fact, most of the time when I would hear him give his opinion on something, I would say to myself, “It’s obvious the man is a brain-dead moron!”. Little did I know.

And when McCain should be spending time with family and friends, and perhaps saying his good-byes, he’s still trying to please the Left.

According to The Hill, McCain lashed out at President Trump again.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) bucked President Trump in an op-ed on Thursday, saying Congress does not answer to him despite his recent attacks on the lawmakers.

“We must respect his authority and constitutional responsibilities. We must, where we can, cooperate with him. But we are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him. We answer to the American people,” McCain wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.

“We must be diligent in discharging our responsibility to serve as a check on his power. And we should value our identity as members of Congress more than our partisan affiliation,” he continued.

What I’ve learned about McCain is no matter who is in charge, McCain wants to believe he reports to nobody. What an egomaniac.

He fought Obama on ObamaCare. Then McCain fought Trump on getting rid of ObamaCare. Only a self-aggrandizing publicity-seeker would do such a thing.

McCain went on to attack President Trump on his lack of experience in public office. I don’t recall McCain attacking junior-Senator-turned-President Obama on his lack of political experience. But that’s what McCain did.

“Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct.”

McCain is one to speak. The man is well-known for his explosive temperament.

Trump calls legislators out, when they back away from their responsibilities. He’s publicly criticized lawmakers recently, most notably taking aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Further, Trump put both McCain and fellow Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R) at a rally in Phoenix. The president was right to do so.

President Trump has high standards. When those standards are not met, the man doesn’t mince words. If that offends some politicians, then I suggest they either find new careers or begin to work with the president.

For now they may feel safe. However, at election time in 2018 all of the House will potentially face the wrath of Trump, as will one-third of the Senate. You can bet that Trump will be in a much stronger position at election time, as his policies gain more traction.

I suspect Obamacare will be a thing of the past, and America will finally get needed tax reform. These wins will loom huge in the midterms, as will America’s booming economy.

Though I certainly don’t wish any bad luck to McCain, luckily America won’t have much longer to deal with his ego. I’ve opined that McCain is far past his usefulness.


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