NEW TREND: GA Teacher FIRED Over Anti-Trump Move

NEW TREND: GA Teacher FIRED Over Anti-Trump Move

What happened to the GA teacher who made a student turn his MAGA shirt inside out? She got FIRED.

Turning Point is reporting on a letter, alledgedly sent to parents about teacher, Lyn Orletsky. The letter was signed by school principal Darrell Herring, and stated:

‘The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you with an update on your child’s math class. Ms. Orletsky no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately.’

The letter also informs that the school is searching for an ‘experienced educator to teach these classes for the rest of the school year.’

Break out the bubbly! This is just one of several recent events showing the tables turning on the Left. Are we witnessing a new trend?

In the last two weeks alone:

  • A professor in Florida was fired for suggesting Texas deserved Hurricane Harvey because: Trump.
  • Nancy Pelosi admitted ANTIFA is nothing but a bunch of terrorist thugs. She said, “Lock ’em Up.”
  • Pelosi also said that Democrats should “Stop criticizing the president.”
  • Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer cozied up to Trump after months of saying the would NEVER work with him.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is on the outs with fans for saying Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are Mother Nature’s wrath.
  • Alyssa Milano came under fire for changing the Presidents ‘National Prayer Day’ on Twitter to ‘National A$$hole Day.’

I’m totally loving this trend!

I sat down to write about Lyn Orletsky, the GA teacher who recently told her student to turn his MAGA shirt inside out. Interestingly, she was just one more self-important, ivory tower Leftist preaching socialism to kids under the guise of “learning.”

The teacher, an older woman, tells the offending student to turn his Trump shirt inside out or leave class, because “just like you can’t wear a swastika to school, you cannot wear [Make America Great Again] like that.”

After another student confronts her, the teacher claims that she’s not anti-Trump, but that “Make America Great Again” is a slogan used by “white supremacists” and those affiliated with neo-Nazi groups.

Do you even need to ask what would happen if a student wore an Obama shirt?

Answer: nothing. The student likely would have been praised, and given a higher grade.

Perhaps the bigger issue lies with the fact that this teacher taught math.

So, why in the world does a math teacher care about what a kid is wearing? If she was a civics or political science teacher, I could see her comments as a way to spark a raucous debate among students; not that I would have been ok with that necessarily.

Regardless, raucous debate wasn’t her intent. There was no debate. She views Trump as a Nazi, thus her bold political statement.

Her job is to teach math. I find it alarming that indoctrination of students occurs even in STEM classes. STEM classes promote objectivity, supposedly. Apparently, that is not the case any longer.

What exactly is offensive about Make America Great Again, save it’s Trump’s slogan? Trump is president, and to make America great again is his job.

To see youngsters embracing the slogan of the president, and feeling the new American Spirit should have made this woman proud. However, for her the shirt present her the opportunity to denigrate our President and his supporters. To denigrate America.

Thankfully, the administration axed this teacher. Let’s not hope this trend continues, but let’s insist that it does. It is our responsibility to see that these wackademics continue to get the ax. There should be no safe place for people who bash the country.

Let’s “Kaepernick” people who won’t stand up for America. We need to show them there is no place for anti-American sentiment. Eventually, they will get the message.


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