NFL Player Lied About Racial Profiling in Detainment by Police

As you read this story, remember the “eyewitness” accounts of Michael Brown, Jr’s shooting.

Black witnesses claimed that Officer Darrin Wilson walked up to Brown and shot him in cold blood. Thus began the lie, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

A thug became a hero to ignorant blacks who believed that nonsense. And there was no shortage of people willing to cash in on Round 151 of the racist America narrative.

Colin Kaepernick lit the fuse to the new lie, and a few NFL players looking to capitalize on the sentiment attached themselves to the lie like ticks on a hound dog. Michael Bennett is one such tick.

Check out Bennett explaining how he was brutalized by police after an incident at the Floyd Mayweather fight:


It seems these lying snakes forget that we live in a world of video everywhere.

You may not see it, but you are being documented. And the new video evidence suggests that Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett lied about why police officers took him down in Las Vegas in August.

As the CNN video shows, Bennett claimed that he was the victim of racial profiling when police officers detained him outside the Cromwell Hotel following the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. There was an active shooting, and the police searched for the possible perpetrator.

On September 6, Bennett claimed that police “singled me out. He then said that police “pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

However, newly-released footage shows that Bennett did not tell the truth about why he was detained. According to TMZ ,

“The footage shows a 3-man police team — made up of 2 Hispanic officers and 1 black officer — identify Bennett as a suspicious person who did not get down on the ground as ordered during the hotel sweep.”


So let’s see what this social justice liar warrior has to say now? Michael Bennett LIED!

This incident was a little more than a case of mistaken identity in the fact that Bennett acted suspiciously. He was justified in hiding behind the slot machines, as gunfire erupted. However police were equally justified in finding his behavior suspicious.

Everything the police did was normal. And lest we forget, Bennett is alive because he didn’t resist arrest.

But leave it to this 300-lb black multi-millionaire baby to try to turn this incident into an “Obama BeerFest” Professor Gates moment?!


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