HYPOCRISY: NFL supports terrorists but not police

HYPOCRISY: NFL supports terrorists but not police

The Leftist NFL supports its players support of the terrorist cop-killers known as Black Lives Matter. But there was little hoopla, when the NFL didn’t support the good guys.

Not long ago, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to pay homage to the police who were killed by a Black Lives Matter terrorist. Here’s what TBS wrote of the craziness of the shooting

So what 12 police officers were shot, and five killed in Dallas. There was bigger news!

The Trump hat!

While I was on FOX News to discuss the tragedy of the shooting in Dallas, I was informed that Jesse Jackson blamed Donald Trump for the shooting. That’s right, race-pimp Jesse Jackson dusted off his circa 60 race-pimping moves, and chimed in. The dinner bell of racism will wake Jackson and Sharpton from the dead.

How in the hell can you blame Trump for this tragedy. Let’s make Trump the source for Zika too, while we’re at it.

Coaches, players and cowboy executives were going to wear the The Arm in Arm decal to honor the fallen officers who were slain during a Black Lives Matter rally last year. But The NFL quickly killed that idea.

Sports Day reported at the time:

“Cowboys executives, players and coaches walked out onto the field for the first practice July 30 arm-in-arm Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings and family members of the officers slain in the ambush in Dallas last month.

Cowboy’s tight end Jason Witten helped initiate the idea for the unity ceremony and also wanted the Cowboys to wear the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets.

The Cowboys heard back from the NFL on Wednesday and were told by league officials they can’t wear the decal during any preseason or regular-season games, executive vice president Stephen Jones said.”

The event the Cowboys were trying to bring attention to was the deadly ambush against police officers in Dallas, Texas, in July of 2016 where five police officers were fatally shot during a Black Lives Matter protest. Mind you these men and women were brutally murdered for no reason leaving behind their wives, husbands, children, friends and others who will never see them again.

But when the NFL wants to support the cause of a terrorist organization then the NFL is all for it. Want to disrespect the flag or the national anthem, and Roger Goodell is all ears.

The Double Standard

The terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, professes to be a peaceful group committed to bringing awareness to the wrongful violence of police officers against blacks. But that’s just a cover.

Anti-police groups like the Black Lives Matter terrorists encourage hatred and rage towards our men and women in blue. Consider that in 2016, 135 officers were killed in the line of duty. Of the 135 fallen officers, 64 were killed in shooting fatalities with 21 of those being ambushed attacks.

Further, Black Lives Matter participants viciously shout, “Kill white people, especially police officers,” at events. We heard “attack everything in blue except the mailman.” And then there is the famous, “Pigs in a blanket, roasting like bacon.”

Yet Leftists cheer.

In truth, Black Lives Matter and the NFL players choosing to kneel ignore real threats like black on black crime. Of the almost 3,000 black deaths annually, the number killed by police wrongly or otherwise pales in comparison.

According to the FBI, 91% of blacks murdered were killed by other blacks. This stat doesn’t change.

And what of the over 350,000 black lives slaughtered every year in the name of “reproductive justice?” I don’t see anybody kneeling for those black lives. What of the fatherless homes epidemic that leaves over 70% of black families without fathers in the home? I could go on.

Clearly, the only black lives that matter are those that fit the narrative of Leftism.

In the end after all the kneeling and protesting black lives will not get any better. It is when these players and other black leftist decide to shed light on real issues going on in the black communities will black lives truly begin to change.

Please check out Bleeding Blue, a film that showcases the real story of the men and women in blue.

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