Obama PAID NFL to ‘show patriotism’ for National Anthem [VIDEO]

Obama PAID NFL to ‘show patriotism’ for National Anthem [VIDEO]

Apparently, under the Obama Administration, the Government gave nearly $11 million to one of the world’s wealthiest corporations.

Call the NFL a non-profit, call it a corporation, it doesn’t really matter what you call it. When it comes down to the brass tacks, the NFL earns more than $9 billion a year, making it the most lucrative league in the world. And Roger Goodell has plans to see the NFL bring in $25 billion a year. So, why would our military need to kick in $11 million?


Paid-for Patriots?

Pull up any one of those pieced-together sports clips videos and you will surely see images of helmets glistening under the stadium lights as the national anthem plays. The narrator always has some feel-good speech put together about the American dream being laid down on the gridiron. Sweat and teardrops blend together on the faces of grown men. Yes, players have always stood for the National Anthem. But they’ve never HAD to.

Standing for the anthem was always just a tradition; something players did out of respect. Most kids learned this in sports growing up. And I believe I speak for many Americans when I say until Kaepernick, I have never seen a player take a knee during the national anthem.

But I can’t say I’m surprised to see such a thing happen during the Obama Era. But it gets worse.

Unarmed Soldiers

Under the Obama administration, many soldiers were buying their own gear in order to ensure their safety. Soldiers often bought helmets, shields, bullet-proof vests, and first-aid supplies.

Travis J. Tritten elaborates:

Less than two days after the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Negherbon said he was contacted by the commander of a Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team that was being deployed there.

The commander told him the team lacked a variety of crucial equipment, including sniper supplies, he said.

“They came to us for … batteries because they didn’t have any of those. … It is kind of like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ ” Negherbon said.

He said troops often have to buy their own medical equipment such as tourniquets, and shell out about $1,000 each for their own helmets or $500 for a GPS device that they need for duty during a deployment.

“The question is, why can’t you get this?” Negherbon said.

The answer is simple.

President Obama wasted the money making football players look more patriotic. So, the players weren’t necessarily patriotic, but “marketed” to look more patriotic…for a price.

As Law Newz reports:

It turns out that from 2011-2014, the Department of Defense spent $5.4 million in contracts with 14 NFL teams for flag ceremonies. The National Guard got in on the action too, and gave $6.7 million to the NFL for the same kind of thing from 2013 to 2015.

In fact, before John McCain’s brain went soft, he called for a crackdown on these charades. McCain said, “paid patriotism” is not only distasteful, but also a gross misuse of taxpayer money.

He went on to say:

Given the immense sacrifices made by our service members, it seems more appropriate that any organization with a genuine interest in honoring them, and deriving public credit as a result, should do so at its own expense and not at that of the American taxpayer. Americans deserve the ability to assume that tributes for our men and women in military uniform are genuine displays of national pride, which many are, rather than taxpayer-funded DOD marketing gimmicks.

So there you have it. Our military wasted $11 million paying football players to look patriotic to advertise patriotism. That makes absolutely no sense at all.

However, if I had 30 seconds to give these players a little word of advice, I know exactly what I’d say. Stand up for the flag. It’s a matter of respect. Honor the moment with tradition. Leave Colin Kaepernick and his protest where it belongs, in the lost archives of forgotten footage. His moment in the spotlight is over.

If you want to help the oppressed, take your big, fat bonus check down to the fifth ward and start paying for after school programs and dinner plates. Do that one time and it will have a bigger impact that an entire season of taking a knee.


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