Newly Minted Obama Spits in Face of Supporters

Newly Minted Obama Spits in Face of Supporters

Now that Obama doesn’t need black people, he can release his inner-white guy.

In less than a year, Obama went from slumming in the White House to a DC mansion. He is now a product of everything claimed to fight against. Obama couldn’t care less who knows it either.

Obama hobknobs with billionaires on private islands and speaks for big bucks…on Wall Street.

According to Bloomberg:

Last month, just before her book “What Happened” was published, Barack Obama spoke in New York to clients of Northern Trust Corp. for about $400,000, a person familiar with his appearance said. Last week, he reminisced about the White House for Carlyle Group LP, one of the world’s biggest private equity firms, according to two people who were there. Next week, he’ll give a keynote speech at investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s health-care conference.

Obama curries favor with Wall Street because he actually like these people and loves the life. Also, that shadow government isn’t quite working out as planned. So why not go for the big bucks.
Obama's speaking; KevinJacksonFormer president Bill Clinton, for example, is a prolific speaker, and by some estimates earned well over $100 million in fees for public appearances since leaving office. But like his wife, Hillary, Bill Clinton’s average fee of little more than $200,000 is nearly half of what President Obama will be commanding for his speech at Cantor, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.

Obama proves that he can beat Hillary (and Bill) at their own game. The added benefit is Obama feels like he’s still relevant.

With adoring white enablers gladly forking over the big bucks, why not milk that “white guilt” heifer a few more years.

And why not? The Clintons did it!

His new work with banks might suggest which side of the debate he’ll be on and disappoint anyone expecting him to avoid a trap that snared Clinton. Or, as some of his executive friends see it, he’s just a private citizen giving a few paid speeches to other successful people while writing his next book.

“He was the president of the entire United States — financial services are under that umbrella,” said former UBS Group AG executive Robert Wolf, an early supporter who joined the Obama Foundation board this year. “He doesn’t look at Wall Street like, ‘Oh, these are individuals who don’t want the best for the country.’ He doesn’t stereotype.”

Doesn’t stereotype?

Since when has Obama done an event gratis, since leaving the presidency? Uh…NEVER!

This was the guy who said he would fight for Main Street over Wall Street. Nice talking point. And like almost all of Obama’s policies, big on talk, small on substance.

For years, Obama went around talking about the fat cat bankers. He swore he was gonna shut them down. Yet, he never indicted a single one of them. Obama just issued a lot of directives, and proved to be the empty suit Conservatives predicted.

As Fox News remembers:

During a 2009 interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” Obama famously said, “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” and gave a series of speeches during his two terms in office demanding accountability from banks, which he characterized as the main culprits of the 2008 financial crisis.

Oh, that? That was just campaign-speak. Nobody holds an affirmative-action president to any decent standard. That wouldn’t be fair, now would it?!

My how things change when you can buy a house for one hour’s work. And Obama has lined up more houses than John McCain. He is the belle of the ball, and has plenty of work.

And what of that hypocrisy of which Obama accused the Republicans? As Fox News recalled:

Obama may receive criticism from Republicans for his alleged hypocrisy over accepting the speaking fee from Wall Street, but he believes the criticism inside his own party will be muted even from such notable class warriors as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“Democrats are lacking so much leadership that they aren’t going to be upset with this,” he said. “They have no heroes anymore, and [Obama] was their last great hero, so how can they turn on him even though he is being a hypocrite?”

Obama damaged the Democrats beyond repair. Ironically, he has much more damage to do. For now Hillary Clinton plays his surrogate. However, soon the electorate will turn on him as well. And the Democrats will be looking for a new Messiah.

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