SHOCKING POLL: What Americans Think of Illegals Taking Jobs

SHOCKING POLL: What Americans Think of Illegals Taking Jobs

If you believe the fake news media, Americans can’t wait to welcome illegals into the country.

According to the Left, illegals who have no jobs, prospects, and come to America with little more than the shirts on their backs are more cost-positive to our economy than hardworking, taxpaying Americans.

In fact, the Left love illegals so much, they give them better rights than U.S. citizens. Then the Left has the gall to try to convince us that we are inhumane by refusing to accept illegals, particularly when we have a legal system.

Americans aren’t buying it.

More than half of the American working-class and those living below the poverty line say illegal immigrants take jobs away from U.S. workers. At least that what the latest Rasmussen Reports poll on immigration reports.

Of people earning less than $30,000 annually, about 51 percent of Americans said illegals take jobs from American workers. The numbers drop a bit for middle-class likely voters, as they agreed that forty-five percent of illegal immigrants take U.S. jobs from American workers. The same percentage say they do not take away jobs.

The numbers continue to drop for those earning between $100,000 and $200,000 a year, as they were less likely to say illegal immigrants take jobs away from American workers.

Finally, the wealthiest of Americans, those earning more than $200,000 a year felt the least likely to say illegal immigrants take U.S. jobs, as only 34 percent say American workers lose out on jobs taken by the illegal population.

Regardless of where you fall in the financial strata, many Americans understand that illegals are taking lots of jobs.

Even with the upper crust polling only 34 percent, that represents more then one-third who believe illegals taking jobs to be a problem. Moreover, the poll is a bit ambiguous as the respondents could be saying that they believe only a percentage of illegals are actually working. As we know, many illegals don’t work. Yet they still burden our welfare system.

Further, we educate their children, and provide hospitalization, legal aid, and other entitlements generally reserved for citizens.

As I wrote not long ago,

It’s not bad enough that illegals come to America ahead of people who legally wish to enter America. But they get here and immediately need our assistance.

They’ve paid extraordinary amounts of money to get to America to become wards of the state.

illegals-protest-1Afterwards, we house them, feed them, educate them and their children. Then we provide medical, dental, and other care. Finally we just fork over money so they can shop at Walmart.

They are not thankful in any way, but feel deserving of our charity. These criminals make no concessions for the fact that other people pay their way, as Leftists have made these illegals feel entitled. Moreover, they don’t consider themselves lawbreakers.

Even the most heinous of these criminals freely roam the streets wreaking havoc in so called “sanctuary cities.”

And if that’s not bad enough, the Gateway Pundit reports,

In Los Angeles County they are handing out information to illegal immigrants on how to get free money/benefits paid for by working Americans.

The flyer reads:

New USCIS guidelines permit immigrants and their children to use certain non-cash benefits and special purpose cash benefits without affecting their immigration status including:

* Medi-Cal
* Food Stamps
* Healthy Families
* Prenatal Care
* Foster Care
* Adoption assistance
* Transportation vouchers
* Housing assistance
* Energy assistance

Leftists actually teach illegals how to get MORE free things from hardworking, taxpaying American citizens.

Although each year the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million legal immigrants a year, the illegal number remains significant.

Many of these illegals take low-skilled seasonal jobs in farming and non-farming industries. But don’t be fooled, as many of these workers take jobs Americans do want, like construction.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions argued that massive low-skilled immigration to the U.S. has forced the American working-class into unemployment and undercut blue-collar wages. This has been happening for decades.

The Era of Trump has put a significant dent in the illegals entering America and the workforce.

Breitbart News reported, states that enforced E-Verify – the program that weeds out illegal immigrants for job openings – have enjoyed less unemployment as Americans no longer have to compete with the illegal immigrant population for work. You can bet that these types of safeguards will soon be nationwide.

To that end, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) have put forth a plan, endorsed by President Trump, to cut legal immigration in half. Their solution would end family chain migration. Also, their plan utilizes a merit-based system that only admits immigrants who meet specific requirements.


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