Portland Police Squash Gang Database: Not Enough WHITES

Portland Police Squash Gang Database: Not Enough WHITES

What happened to all the white gangs?

All you hear about these days are black and Latino gangs. Most of America knows the Crips and the Bloods. Sadly, these gangs now even fight each other, as they define turf by streets. The 34th and Crenshaw Crips, and so on.

We discussed Latino gangs a while back. MS-13 garners a lot of attention, as they are extremely cruel. However, there are many more, like the Zetas from Mexico. We discussed how Obama handled gangs.

Obama Turned a Blind Eye

In addition to his lax immigration laws, Obama practically encouraged the growth of MS-13.

With approximately 50,000 members globally, MS-13 has more than 10,000 members in the United States. In fact, at least 42 states have known MS-13 problems. And these problems manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including human trafficking.

As Katia Kleyman reported:

Human trafficking is big business for Mara Salvatrucha. Members recruit young Central American immigrants, usually girls, some recently arrived in the US, others shipped in by the gang, as well as female runaways, and force them into prostitution. Many of the girls have a history of sexual abuse. In 2009, there were nine child prostitution rings discovered in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, most run by MS-13. If such activity is indicative of gang activity in all territories, the number of operations and victims could be staggering.

Such activity is easy money for the gang; they barely spend anything on the product (young girls), because they get it for free. According to NPR, the only thing the gang has to spend on regarding the girls is drugs and alcohol to keep them subdued.

Obama ushered MS-13 in, however President Trump wants them gone.

But you can bet the president won’t be happy about how Portland now handles gangs.

Now Portland Police have shut down their gang database, because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of gang-bangers. Apparently there aren’t enough white gangs on the list

Portland police will no longer maintain a database of suspected gang members, due to concerns that the vast majority of people with the gang label are racial minorities.

Starting Oct. 15, the Portland Police Bureau will end the 20-year practice of issuing gang member designations, which police say can lead to “unintended consequences” and a lifelong stigma even for those who have given up the gang lifestyle. Officials intend to notify the approximately 300 people on the gang list that the bureau will purge all records related to the designations, The Oregonian reported.

City officials and community activists had long urged the bureau to stop attaching the gang designation to criminal suspects, claiming the practice disproportionately impacted people of color. A review of police data by The Oregonian last year found that 81 percent of the “criminal gang affiliates” in Portland’s database were racial or ethnic minorities.

That’s certainly the Left’s answer to problem they create: ignore them. Pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

Look, I’m sure a small percentage of these gang-bangers go on to live productive lives. I wouldn’t want all the things from my youth following me around until I die. However, the response should be tempered.

We have no idea what the criteria are to remove someone from the database. Are they 40-years-old and now a productive member of society. Or are they 19 and just trying to get into community college under the Bernie Sanders plan?

Shouldn’t they have to publicly denounce their gang affiliation or something. I watch movies and I know one gang rules is “Blood in, blood out”. Meaning, the only way out is to die.

It seems to me that Leftists are fascinated with rewarding bad behavior. A while back we discussed a program that rewards gang-bangers.

As reported in Yahoo News,

Dawaun Rice is just 19 years old, but he’s already lost seven friends to gun violence, he said. Two of them were brothers who were shot on the same day.

Grappling with an urge to avenge his friends’ violent murders, Rice pulled out his phone and considered whether to set a plan in motion for retaliation.

“I have to sit back, and I’ve gotta think, whether to go left or whether to go right,” he said.

After a few moments, he puts away his phone without making a move.

This potent mix of pain, anger and teenagers with guns once made Rice’s hometown of Richmond, California — across the Bay from San Francisco — one of the deadliest cities in the country. Here, the streets are hunting grounds where young men run for their lives as they try to escape the bullets.

In 2007, the city brought in DeVone Boggan, a youth development policy professional with an expertise in chronic violent offenders and the founder of the Office of Neighborhood Safety, who came up with a controversial solution: Pay young men like Rice not to pull the trigger. The better the behavior, the better the paycheck.

This month, Rice got the maximum — $1,300.

Rice is just one of two-dozen men in an 18-month-long fellowship that’s run out of Boggan’s Office of Neighborhood Safety or “ONS,” mostly funded by taxpayers.

I understand the concept of getting these kids out of their instinctive elements, but society must look at the root causes of what created their elements. These kids live in war zones created by Liberalism.

Don’t think Leftists will how bad these ideas are. They believe these ideas promote the greater good of political correctness.

They accomplish quite the contrary.

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