President Trump Does What Obama NEVER Did in Catastrophe

President Trump Does What Obama NEVER Did in Catastrophe

When comparing Trump to Obama during the crisis of a hurricane, it’s good to reflect.

Here’s how the Fluffington Post depicted Barack Obama during Hurricane Sandy.

Former White House photographer Pete Souza, who has taken to trolling President Donald Trump with images of former President Barack Obama’s administration, landed another blow this week.

Following Trump’s Tuesday visit to storm-ravaged Texas, in which the president sought to keep the focus on himself, Souza posted an archival photo of Obama to Instagram, showing the former president comforting a Hurricane Sandy survivor after the devastating 2012 storm.

Leave it to the Left to glamorize a photo op. As we reported, Obama arrived late and did nothing. He used this woman to get re-elected.


And what of the next hurricane that hit Louisiana? NBC reports,

President Barack Obama is facing backlash for continuing his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana is reeling from its worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.

So far, last week’s heavy rainfall has affected some 40,000 homes. According to the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, about 30,000 have been rescued from homes and cars. Thirteen people have died so far.

President Obama declared the floods a natural disaster on Sunday and redirected federal aid to help the state recover. Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson is set to visit Baton Rouge on Thursday to review the ongoing response and recovery efforts in the area.

Meanwhile, Trump pre-emptively supported Texas, in what is undoubtedly the fastest and best response to a hurricane in America’s history.

Then the president and First Lady continued to support Texas, helping in the actually efforts to get supplies to people in need.

Yet, here is what the Washington Post said of Bush, Obama, and finally Trump:

When President George W. Bush arrived in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he offered victims a personal message — one they needed to hear given his administration’s infamously slow and inept response to the storm. “To all who carry a burden of loss,” he said, “I extend the deepest sympathy of our country.”

And when President Barack Obama spoke from a beachside town in New Jersey that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he told residents much the same. “We are here for you,” he said, “and we will not forget.”

Little of that high-minded rhetoric was on display Tuesday when President Trump visited Texas to discuss the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Trump, who ran on a promise of being a different kind of president, once again kept that promise.

He made virtually no mention of the storm’s victims, and there was no indication he met with any…didn’t call for donations or volunteers…didn’t mourn the dead.

Instead, Trump marveled at the size of Harvey (“it’s epic, what happened”), gushed about the crowd that had gathered to see him (“what a turnout”), offered hyperbole about the recovery effort (it will be “something very special”), and thanked his Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator (“a man who has really become very famous on television over the last couple of days”).

In typical Leftist fashion, they appreciate words more than actions.

The Left knows that to do better than Trump is practically impossible. So the only thing they can do is compare words to actions.


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