President Trump Stops MASSIVE 26 Percent Government Raise

President Trump Stops MASSIVE 26 Percent Government Raise

Remember when government jobs paid less?

Government jobs meant “service”. You knew that taking such a job meant you were working for the public good, and you most definitely wouldn’t get rich. The same is true of teachers.

But then government workers and teachers, mostly union Democrats realized that they controlled government. And suddenly government became the cushy jobs.

According to the CBO, the federal government employs a lot more workers with doctorates or professional degrees than private sector companies do (7 percent of the workforce vs. 3 percent of the workforce). Nonetheless, when you look at the overall number, they figure that the federal government’s payroll is 16 percent higher than it would be if it paid its workers private sector scales.

And that’s just the pay. When it comes to benefits, the Fed knocks it out of the park, particularly for lazy public service union workers.

But the time of government feasting on the carcasses of American taxpayers may come to an end.

According to The Truth Division,

President Donald Trump wasn’t about to let taxpayers fund a massive 26% pay raise for government employees.

In a newly-announced plan, the commander in chief dropped that whopper of a raise all the way down to a manageable 1.9 percent pay increase, continuing to give relief to taxpayer dollars.

Trump told Congress of this new plan in a letter, saying that that he reducing the increase drastically because “the adjustments that would otherwise take effect are inappropriate.”

TDC reports:

Under the current law, the the pay schedule that governs federal employee salaries would raise pay in 2018 by an average of 26 percent and cost taxpayers $26 billion, according to the White House.

“A pay increase of this magnitude is not warranted, and federal agency budgets could not accommodate such an increase while still maintaining support for key federal priorities such as those that advance the safety and security of the American people,” Trump wrote of the current plan.

The law Trump references that mandates pay increases is the 1990 Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act. Previous presidents have routinely overridden the law, but Trump’s statements are stronger than the language that former President Barack Obama used.

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course,” Trump wrote.

As you might imagine, the unions are not happy.

Federal employee unions and advocacy groups opposed Trump’s plan, and would favor a larger increase.

“While federal employees will appreciate the raise, an average increase of 1.9 percent is the minimum required to prevent federal pay from declining further, and more rapidly, below market than the current 35 percent wage disparity between public- and private-sector wages,” said Richard Thissen, president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.

Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, which supports a 3.2 percent federal wage increase, believes the increase is not good enough.

That’s right, the union wants more. Do these fools not understand what happened to Flint, Michigan?

Government jobs are for public service, not enrichment. Look at the hit Trump is taking, as he’s donated his salary to charity, and donated $1 million to Hurricane Harvey victims. Further, Leftists celebrated estimates that Trump lost $1 billion in net worth since becoming president.

But that’s not all.

Most of Trump’s staff took huge pay cuts to work for the government. By contrast, most of Obama’s administration enriched themselves greatly. Rahm Emanuel became the kingpin of Chicago. Susan Rice is worth millions. And who can forget Hillary Clinton’s larceny on the world, as her net worth eclipsed $150 million.

Certainly most government workers don’t hit the big time like Obama’s staff. However, government workers do better than most of their civilian counterparts. And that’s not right.

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