Trump spurred jobs early on in the most creative way yet. Who knew?!

Trump Anxiety makes the Left go bat-crap crazy. 

As the Washington Post explained back in March of 2016:

To the catalogue of anxieties her patients explore during therapy — marriage, children and careers — psychologist Alison Howard is now listening to a new source of stress: the political rise of Donald Trump.

True to form, Trump won. And apparently, Hillary Clinton’s loss has Democrats soul-searching for the meaning of life.

Thus, according to Fox News, Democrats have called in the professionals.

New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor said on MSNBC that she knows “sources” who are “still in therapy” because Hillary Clinton was defeated by President Donald Trump in 2016.

The Trump victory: the gift that keeps on giving.

So, let the healing begin!

The Washington Free Beacon reported not long after the election,

Mental health professionals practicing in Washington, D.C. described an unprecedented increase in patients worried about the country’s future as a result of Trump’s victory over Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

“This is very different,” said David Sternberg, founder and director of D.C. Talk Therapy, a psychotherapy group that practices in the District’s upscale Woodley Park neighborhood.

“This is pretty unprecedented,” Sternberg said, explaining that patients are expressing feelings of “anger, frustration, anxiety, [and] sadness.”

Send in the DAWGS

Democrat staffers were described as “despondent”. And according to NBC News, they need the therapy dogs to soothe their hurt feelings.

Two golden doodles, two American Eskimo dogs, and a beagle mix were walked around the Cannon Office Building. This building houses many members of the House of Representatives and their staffs.

“Organizers say it was a great way for workers to blow off steam especially for those whose bosses may have lost re-election bids,” NBC noted.

More on these people in just a bit. Let’s go in the “Way Back” machine and note all the various remedies for Trump’s victory. We begin with “Muffin Therapy“.

A certain segment of the nation now suffers from “postelection grief,” inspiring one therapist to write an essay for National Public Radio suggesting that distraught people would benefit from baking muffins in the “sanctuary” of their kitchen. Jean Fain, a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist, even supplied a “Hillary muffin” recipe that includes bananas, applesauce, oatmeal, hazelnuts and chocolate chips — noting that “muffin making as a meditative practice is a reliable source of comfort and hope.” Well, OK.

Now along comes Publishers Weekly, the major industry guide in the books realm, with a report that at least three major book publishers are now rushing out serious books to help Democrats cope with President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. And yes, one is actually called “The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen,” described by publisher HarperCollins as “a serious call to action for all anti-Trump dissenters,” and “people looking for answers.”

What a great therapy for kids. But their help didn’t end there.

As it turns out, Snowflakes all over America on college campuses needed more. So, according to Fox News, these young “adults” reverted back to childhood yet again.

Teddy bears, Play-Doh and coloring books are staples of nursery schools, but now they are showing up on college campuses to help distraught students cope with the election of a president they don’t like.

Around the nation, students are turning to the tools of toddlers as a bizarre form of therapy in the wake of Donald Trump’s election last week. Colleges and universities are encouraging students to cry, cuddle with puppies and sip hot chocolate to soothe their fragile psyches, an approach some critics say would be funny if it weren’t so alarming.

“This is an extreme reaction from millennials who are being forced to come to terms with the fact that we have a president that they don’t like –this is what losing feels like,” Kristin Tate, the 24-year-old author of “Government Gone Wild,” told FoxNews.com. “We are grooming our students to be sensitive crybabies when we need to be showing students how to deal with world situations and how to be adults –there are no ‘safe spaces’ in the real world.”

So as you can see, there are many ways the Left choose to cope with President Trump’s victory.

Alcindor did not say what type of “therapy” Democrats selected, just that many continue to need professionals.

She commented that Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” could help assuage some of the angst. Truthfully, Alcindor and other Leftists know that Trump is not their problem. Leftists realize they suffer from a disease. Ironically, Trump’s election is the first step in a long road to their cure.

Interestingly, Alcindor called Clinton the “embodiment of all that is still going wrong with the Democratic Party.”

I suggest the Democrats learn to understand that statement.

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