Trump and the Black Officer Who Crashed While Escorting the Motorcade [VIDEO]

Donald Trump is a caring man, and Leftists detest this about him.

You can tell the president cares about the details, the little things.

Visit a Trump property, and there aren’t very many things to complain about. The places are luxurious, almost to a fault. And if something isn’t right, you can bet the staff is all over it. In the unlikely attempt something rises to the level of Mr. Trump, people might hear those dreaded two words: You’re FIRED!

Trump runs a tight ship. But he knows how to delegate. Thus, he allows people to handle the little stuff, freeing him to deal with the big stuff. The same is true in his presidency. President Trump has set the course, and his “generals” plot the insurgency. Trump usually doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Nice segue, because there are times when Trump indeed cares about the little things. Check out this video and see what I mean.

Officer Turner was escorting the presidential motorcade, when he crashed. Despite what CNN might tell you, the crash wasn’t the fault of President Trump.

Nothing sinister, like Trump ordered the driver of The Beast to run over the black officer. Just one of those unlucky accidents. Anyway, I’m sure the president had a lot on his plate, given all his dealings in Russia, right? Phone calls to Putin, and converting ruples to dollars and so on.

As the Indy Star reported:

An IMPD officer escorting President Donald Trump’s motorcade through Indianapolis was injured when he crashed his motorcycle, according to The Washington Times.

The crash occurred after Trump had finished his speech about his tax plan at the State Fairgrounds and his motorcade was westbound on I-70 heading back to the Indianapolis International Airport.

Officer Robert Turner was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital, according to Stephen Miller, a White House correspondent for The Washington Times. The White House said Turner sustained a broken ankle and possible contusion, but was in otherwise good condition.

Before boarding Air Force One, Trump spoke with a group of motorcycle officers on the tarmac to express concern for the injured officer, according to the White House.

But the president did one even better.

At some point during his busy day, the president decided to call Officer Turner to check up on him.

What a racist thing to do, right? You can bet that Trump doesn’t check up on white officers who get hurt. Wait, I’m sorry. I was thinking about Barack Obama.

You can bet the fake news media won’t tell you of the president taking time from his schedule to make sure this officer was ok. What a thrill for Officer Turner to know that the president of the United States cares enough about him to make sure his is ok.


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