SHOCKING Result: Rioter Learns His Fate in Court

SHOCKING Result: Rioter Learns His Fate in Court

I love it when justice catches up with Leftists. Sadly, it rarely does.

Young angry Millennials terrorize America with practical immunity.

Such is the case of one rioters who started fires during riotous protests. The terrorist then interfered with emergency crews who tried to extinguish the blaze, cutting the fire hose.

That’s what happened in Leftist Baltimore. Remember, according to Baltimore’s former mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the city gives hooligans time to vent their anger on the city, as law enforcement watches the city burn. Leftists call this treatment of criminals “progressive”.

And in Democrat-controlled cities around the country, rioters get special treatment, while law-abiding citizens are given the bill.

Blue Lives Matter tells the story of Greg Butler.

Butler represents the “hide your face” Millennial miscreant who attended the 2015 Baltimore riot in the wake of the Freddie Gray. The thugs of Baltimore showed up en mass to burn down Baltimore over the death of a street hustler.

Unfortunately for Butler, he was caught in criminal activity on not one, but two occasions. But the penalty for his crimes will shock you:

“A man who was front and center during the Baltimore rioting in 2015, and punctured a fire hose, has once again received leniency, and will not have to serve time for probation violations.

He was indicted in December, 2015 but wasn’t sentenced until November, 2016. Butler pled guilty to obstructing firefighters during a civil disorder, and was sentenced to three years of supervised release (probation), with one year in prison that was suspended. That means if he violated probation he should automatically have to go to prison for a year.

He did not abide by all of the rules set for his probation, and committed violations including positive drug tests for marijuana and PCP, and failure to pay $100 per month in restitution.  At a hearing on Tuesday, September 5, federal prosecutors asked for his suspended one-year prison term to be activated.

It appears that justice will be served.

As you can see, Butler is a dangerous man. Not only did he interrupt first-responders from doing their job, but also he carries a weapon he is not afraid to use.

Add to this being high on PCP, and you have a murder rampage waiting to happen.

The article continues,

Federal prison terms are different than state prison terms because there is no probation or early release from a person’s sentence. The entire sentence for a federal conviction has to be served.

Butler came to court on Tuesday and asked U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Mott not to give him active time. He asked Judge Mott for leniency because he has a 14-month-old son and another child on the way. He continued with excuses for his behavior, and said that although he was working for his uncle’s contracting business, that he couldn’t pay his restitution.

Butler couldn’t pay restitution by working, but he had time to riot? And one has to wonder how Butler pays for his drugs.

The story continues,

He also said that he used drinking and marijuana as a way to escape life’s problems, that his mother was a heroin addict, and his father was a ‘functioning’ alcoholic.

Judge Mott ignored Butlers initial sentence and did not allow the federal prosecutor’s request, and instead gave Butler three additional years of probation.

He also ordered him to enter an inpatient drug treatment program, and told Butler that if he violated his probation again, then he would be sentenced to prison.”

To be clear, a drug addict freely roams the streets of Baltimore in violation of probation.

While the city’s firefighters tried to do their jobs and possibly save lives, this dope head cuts their water hose. Who knows what destruction occurred when firefighters no longer had water. Did businesses burn? Did anybody die?

Sadly, this man has a young baby who has a crackhead for a father. Butler blames his problems on drug-addicted parents, because Leftism teaches him to use the most convenient excuse available.

Conveniently, Leftism obliges, rewarding his bad behavior with more probation.

Do you believe a member of the Tea Party Community would have gotten this sentence having committed NO previous crimes? But the Left will tell you there is no justice for blacks in America. They yell “white privilege” every chance they get, knowing it doesn’t exist.

All I can say is, “Be safe out there!”



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