Security Guard Watches as Woman Sexually Assaulted [VIDEO]

Before you get outraged at the security officer in this video, understand his new politically-correct role.

Security is no longer what it used to be. Now these people “observe and report”. That this man did anything surprises me.

A crackhead woman makes a drug deal, and things go awry. Check out the video:

Fox 2 News reports the incident as follows:

A disturbing sexual assault in Kansas City was caught on camera outside a shopping plaza on Monday. The victim’s family is outraged the witnesses, including a security guard, stood by and did nothing to help.

“I got the call about 11 last night. They said, ‘Did you see the f’n video?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?'” Rosie Morgan told WDAF.

With her family’s help, Rosie Morgan finally found that video on Facebook.

“That is very disturbing,” Morgan said.

The video shows her adult daughter being attacked. Rosie admits her daughter is a drug addict and says the meetup was to buy pills. But an argument between her daughter and a man turned into something much more serious.

In the video, a security guard tries to break things up at first. Rosie’s daughter runs off, but the man catches her. It’s what happens next that is deeply troubling.

The security officer stands by watching as that man gropes Rosie’s daughter between the legs. Seconds later, he pulls her up by the chest.  Several cars can be seen in the video, but no one steps in to help.


Americans have been trained NOT to help. The only people who might have helped–Conservatives–don’t live in that area. Conservatives avoid areas where crack hoes and drug dealers make their deals.

The story continues,

The man proceeds to rip off the woman’s pants, exposing her genitals. That security officer still doesn’t intervene.

“He is as much guilty as the people that did that to her because he didn’t get no help. He didn’t do nothing,” said Morgan.

The drug dealer was likely trying to find his drugs, which the crackhead had probably “keistered”.

Not that old boy was Brad Pitt, but I doubt he was looking for sex from this woman. Even he could do better than a crackhead.

As for the security guard, again, he had NO obligation to this woman unless you pull the race card. On that point, my bet is if the man had been black, the security guard would have avoided the situation completely.

Try to imagine the audio in this scene where a big black security guard doesn’t step in to protect a black woman from an Anthony Weiner-looking white boy.

You know that white boy was in the right. He gave that woman crack and she tried to rip him off. Simple as that.

The article continues,

The person filming the video can be heard saying, “He’s trying to put her in the car.” Morgan also says the person behind the camera did nothing to help.

“I mean, I’m quite sure you got a sister or an auntie. You wouldn’t want your mother to get done like that but you stood around and laughed. There’s nothing funny about being humiliated in public in the mid-day,” said Michiel Morgan, the victim’s father.

Again, everybody expects somebody to help. Next, they will yell, “WHERE WERE THE PO-LICE?!”

My guess is the cops were at a donut shop taking a knee.


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