St. Louis: Black Speakers KICKS Black Lives Matter Off Stage [VIDEO]

St. Louis: Black Speaker KICKS BLM Off Stage [VIDEO]

Don’t believe the hype, people.

Many blacks in America detest the hate-group Black Lives Matter.

The media tries to portray things differently, but look at this video.



Watch the video again, and you will see other blacks who are not about BLM.

The crowd certainly makes it clear that “All Lives Matter,” something most Leftists try to dismiss. 

All this happened in the racial hotbed of St. Louis, Missouri. The epicenter of the Ferguson Effect, a situation brought on by the death of Michael Brown, Jr.

Many blacks now realize how they are being used by Leftists to create hate in situations where the police simply do their jobs. Michael Brown Jr robbed a store and when confronted by a police officer he resisted arrest. Brown then tried to kill the cop, and he himself was shot and killed. Case closed.

Anybody who argues differently is a liar and race-baiting troublemaker.

Next, St. Louis got the case of Anthony Lamar Smith. A heroin dealer who was shot because he too resisted arrest, and then tried to kill a cop. The outcome should be no surprise, as Smith as shot and killed.

Sane blacks realize that civil rights movements are not built on fools.

I wrote of a Ferguson museum project:

Believe it or not they now want to create a museum of Ferguson. Yes, Liberals want to enshrine this nonsense!

Here’s what’s being said:

From street-artist paintings on boards protecting store windows to signs bearing the now iconic statement, “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot,” cultural images from the Ferguson protests have become firmly established in recent Missouri history.

So now the Missouri History Museum is gathering images, recordings and items to chronicle all of this.

This collection is not for an exhibition, they say; as if anybody would pay to see this. But they actually see this as “history,” again as Liberals see it, the second coming of the Civil Rights movement.

And if you really want a laugh, the Library and Collections director for the museum, Chris Gordon says it is rare to be able to document such an historic event in real time.

History? If this guy believes a black guy being a thug, then being killed by the cops is history, then that better be one HUGE museum.

Sadly, neither Michael Brown Jr or Anthony Lamar Smith are Rosa Parks, or even the real Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin.

Keep in mind that it was Colvin who was sent to the back of the bus. However, because she was pregnant, blacks had Rosa Parks re-create what happened to Colvin, and as they say, “the rest is history”.

Colvin wasn’t chosen to lead the charge of civil rights because she was pregnant and not married. Blacks wanted a better representative, as they needed a representative who could withstand scrutiny.

My how things have changed.

Blacks today build the civil rights movement around teen thugs and heroin dealers. And white Leftists laugh all the way to the bank.

This is why I wrote Race Pimping: the multi-trillion dollar business of Liberalism. What an industry? And all Leftists need do is keep blacks ignorant, and white guilty.

I assure you that more and more blacks have begun to realize the game. More wake up every day.

When I discuss politics with blacks I meet around the country, many of them admit to me that they support Trump. Most whisper it, and I understand why. But they make sure I get the “Trump signal”, if they happen to know of my work at Fox News.

So rest assured America, blacks love President Trump. They know that Black Lives Matter is a destructive force in America, and not good for blacks or the country.


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