EXPECT MORE: St. Louis Police CLASH with Protesters After Verdict [VIDEO]

EXPECT MORE: St. Louis Police CLASH with Protesters After Verdict [VIDEO]

The Left are happier than Rosie O’Donnell in the women’s prison with a fist full of pardons!

They got another race riot brewing. Death by cop, as it were. And the brouhaha happens in none other than the home of the second Civil Rights Movement: St. Louis, Missouri.

As night falls, the city readies for a fight. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Democrat hate groups stand prepared to wreak havoc on a city already reeling from quite a bit of turmoil involving police and black people.


The verdict was read in the case against Officer Jason Stockley. Not guilty, so game on.

It’s not like St. Louis needs the attention.

The city revels in high crime, as North St. Louis habitually makes the “Top 10” in violent crime. And then across the river there lies the infamous East St. Louis, just as deadly as its much bigger brother.

Based on the FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report ,The Gateway to the West tops the list of the most dangerous cities in America. Information from the FBI study analyzed by 24/7 Wall St. says that:

Including 188 homicides, there were 5,762 violent crimes in St. Louis in 2015. Adjusting for population, the city’s murder and violent crime rates, at 59 murders and 1,817 per 100,000 city residents, are each the highest in the country. The number of violent crimes reported in St. Louis increased by 7.7% last year, faster than the national uptick of 3.9%. Over the last five years, however, the incidence of violent crime is down by 3.2%.

And in the wake of yet another controversial cop shooting, the city awaits its fate, as the crime rate will undoubtedly rise.

Don’t rely on the fact that if Anthony Lamar Smith, the criminal-turned-victim in this cop drama had simply surrendered to police, we aren’t having this discussion. White visitors to St. Louis would be out on The Landing, enjoying the view of the arch and eating some excellent St. Louis ribs. Eventually, the riverfront casino would gather a crowd, and the city would make enough money to delay the next tax gouge.

Today, those scenarios are a pipe dream.

In fact, I was at an area restaurant, and a waiter looked at the booking schedule. He looked shocked, and the lady who handles bookings replied, “The entire week looks like that.” 

The waiter walked away, commenting, “Looks like I won’t make my rent this month.” And neither will the city.

Yes, Ferguson 2.0 affects even the little people. But don’t expect the trouble-makers to care. Because, they have one job, and that job is to disrupt.

While most protesters have been peaceful, a handful of them decided to act out. They threw rocks at buses and water on cops. You can tell this crew can’t wait until nightfall. When the sun goes down, they will up their game.

Despite the warning by the governor of St. Louis that violence won’t be tolerated, I predict there will be violence. That said, the show of police force is impressive. I have no idea how much this costs the city of St. Louis, but it’s got to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have done much media on this story, and will do more soon. I was asked by various media outlets my thoughts, and I predicted 50/50. The city of St. Louis can’t forego much more and survive. The city must show that it can contain the damage, or frankly it’s doomed.

The problem is that paid agitators must do their jobs, or they don’t get the next gig. And though the city has a monetary interest in peace, it won’t suffer immediate loss of income. Paid agitators feel pain immediately, when they are fired.


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