Stockley Verdict: The Hurricane that hit St. Louis

Stockley Verdict: The Hurricane that hit St. Louis

The Stockley verdict is in. So, “No justice, no peace, right?”

If Black Lives Matter determines the definition of justice, then St. Louis has a long night ahead of it.

A judge has ruled in favor of Officer Jason Stockley, exonerating him in the shooting that left Anthony Lamar Smith dead. Holy Mother of Sharpton, the race-pimping dinner bell has rang.

Protesters were in St. Louis early, as I had seen them all over the city. They came from all over the country to “be a part of history,” as one of them explained to me.

The history was Ferguson Part II, or so it would seem. For weeks, the state of Missouri prepared for the verdict that happened today. The incident occurred in Dec of 2011, but these days justice can’t be as swift as it has been in the past. Nowadays, criminals are not necessarily criminals, as we need to determine a few things.

First, we need to know the race of the folks involved. Next, we can now determine the victim: the black person. In case you missed it, no matter the verdict, for black Leftists, the black person remains the victim.

Michael Brown Jr tried to kill a cop, and got himself killed. His family got $1.5 million for his death. Victims all.

Freddie Gray was killed while riding in a police van. Although 3 cops involved were black, Gray was the victim. Outcome: his family received $6.8 million and all family involved remain victims.

If any city knows about mob justice, it’s St. Louis.

More specifically, the quaint bedroom community of Ferguson, Missouri, a town that forever more will be thought of like the South Side of Chicago.

So, St. Louis prepared for Hurricane Black Lives Matter, as businesses closed early. People visiting St. Louis were warned to leave the city, as many took early flights back to “anywhere but here”.

Schools closed, as did at least 16 area libraries. But you can bet few blacks were aggrieved in either of those cases.

In short, what happened in St. Louis had all the makings of a hurricane warning. Though St. Louis is hundreds of miles inland from either coast, you wouldn’t guess it from how the city prepared.

The governor has the National Guard on standby. And many businesses decided to board up, as if 180 mph winds would blow through the city.

Yet again, Missouri, by way of one of its largest cities puts it foot forward, just not it best foot. Hooligans await nightfall, with little interest in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith. As with Hurricane Harvey, looters took Democrats’ advice and too advantage of the crisis. “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

The fallout?

St. Louis will continue its death spiral. In 1950 St. Louis boasted a population of 850,000 people. In 2017 the population of a city that once rivaled Chicago in size is around 318,000.

Check out these alarming stats,

Relative to big metro areas on the coasts, St. Louis has lost ground in recent years. Job growth since the recession has slowed. The city’s population growth has stagnated. Downtown St. Louis sits eerily quiet on most days, despite millions of taxpayer dollars spent on upgrades. The per capita income of the St. Louis metro area today has fallen to 77 percent that of metro New York, down from 89 percent in 1979. And while St. Louis’ nine Fortune 500 corporate headquarters are a lot for a metro area of 2.8 million people, that’s down from 12 in 2000 and (correcting for the way Fortune changed its methodology in 1994) 23 in 1980.

Per capita income in a tailspin, and corporate headquarters shrinking from 23 to 9 in a short amount of time. Here I thought cities did what they could to attract capitalists?

I certainly don’t blame Ferguson for this. Nor do I blame the recent incident with Anthony Smith. No, this death spiral has been occurring since the 1950s. The common thread is of course Democrats being in charge.

For the record, St. Louis isn’t alone.

Most big cities outside of huge metro areas find themselves in the same death throes and St. Louis. But St. Louis now has the added distinction of being the Mother of Ferguson. The Ferguson Effect, as it were. And once a city gets the reputation of being a hotbed of racial tension, death comes even quicker.

During the Eric Garner blood-letting, I spoke of Sharpton.

Recently Sharpton preached at the same St. Louis church where Michael Brown’s funeral service was held.  Sharpton said Officer Darren Wilson’s resignation was not the objective in finding justice for the shooting death of Brown:

A few days later, Sharpton was preaching in front of another group of cameras, thanking God for the death of another black man by cop. No Justice, No Peace!

Everybody knows if Garner were white, Sharpton would still be pimping in Ferguson, still trying to get blood from that turnip. The timing was perfect, when it comes to the race-baiting calendar.

And as Sharpton said, “The fight ain’t over.” In fact, “The fight ain’t NEVER over,” as Sharpton and his ilk have trained black youths to keep these types of tragedy occurring.  They have trained these young men to challenge cops, and the cops will continue to do their jobs, which will lead to more death.

Until the fight is over, cities like St. Louis are over.

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