Three Things We Can Do to Drain the Swamp in DC FAST

Three Things We Can Do to Drain the Swamp in DC FAST

Draining the swamp is actually simpler than people think. But it will take work.

Sadly, we’ve allowed government to get so big that representatives have become our bosses.

Imagine if Michael Jordan’s rep played basketball for the Bulls. Think they would have won championships?

We now allow our so-called representatives in the game for us. They are only our reps. It is we Americans who should be in the game.

To that end, Congress need not be in DC, but stay home. Why should these people get to meet and carve up the country? It’s no wonder a group of baboons are called a “congress”.

These baboons get together for their backroom deals, and refer to each other as, “my friend across the aisle.” There is a reason they are so affable to one another. Because they are one and the same, and are indeed friends.

Publicly, they pretend to hate one another. However, they adore each other.

The do enough work to make us believe there are two sides. Then, then throw up roadblocks, in order to fool us into believing they fight for us. Actually, they fight for one thing; themselves.

So much for government’s checks and balances? That supposedly guaranteed citizens a safeguard against tyranny. Nevertheless, regardless of administration, Americans’ rights have eroded year after year. In reality, our “leaders” shredded the Constitution decades ago.

So, where does that leave us?

Fending for ourselves, Silly. And in doing so, along with keeping representatives at home, my solution requires three simple things to happen.

  • Term Limits,
  • a Balanced Budget,
  • and One Line-Item Congressional floor votes.

Term limits are pretty self-explanatory. Career politicians were never intended by the Founders. The Constitution calls for citizen government, not entitled elitists. Moreover, the Founders wanted representatives to set aside their real jobs in order to serve the public interest. After this short stint, the representatives would then return to their communities and respective jobs. Career politicians have no incentive to work hard for us. From the moment of their elections, they begin working on their re-elections.

And on this point, they are amazingly proficient. Incumbents enjoy a 93 percent chance of re-election. Cushy job, great pension, and rock star status for most. Why go home?

With term limits, these crooks who call themselves representatives would not be able to embed themselves like ticks on the body politic. Further, new people means an infusion of new blood and new ideas.

Keep in mind, career politicians are caused us. We allowed them to become politicians for life. We make few demands, and expect no accountability. How long has Congress been under 30 percent in approval? Decades. Yet, we vote them back in. The system rewards seniority, and we don’t want to miss out on the potential pork, these thieves bring home.

And with pork, come ballooning budgets. Thus we need a Balanced Budget Amendment.

When is the last time the Fed balanced the budget? It was during the Era of Clinton. A Republican Congress led by Newt Gingrich made sure that it happened. That was America’s last period of prosperity. But there was more work to do.

We have a debt ceiling which we regularly burst through. But perhaps even more amazing, government regularly informs us that it employs essential as well as non-essential employeed.

Only government could get away with having “non-essential” employees”. The private sector can’t afford such luxuries. And truthfully, neither can the government. Government should only have essential employees, and leave the non-essential work to the private sector. But even then, keep your eye on things.

As we learn from The Washington Examiner, the payback from DC happens all the time.

The federal subsidy known as the “Obamaphone” or “Obamanet” program could be losing nearly $500 million to fraud annually, according to a top Republican on the Federal Communications Commission.

Commissioner Ajit Pai made the accusation Wednesday in letter to the Universal Service Administrative Company, referring to the FCC’s Universal Service Fund, which provides a monthly $9.95 subsidy for telecom service to low-income consumers.

The subsidy is limited to one per “independent economic household,” or IEH, but telecom companies have the ability to override that restriction if applicants check a box stating they represent a separate household, even if they have the same address.

If you live in the hood as I do, there are multiple curbside “stores” offering ObamaPhones. It’s not unusual for people getting ObamaPhones to have multiple phones, something that is not supposed to happen with the plan.

$500 million amounts to a rounding error with the Fed, but consider the number of pork projects these people create. And who knows that the ObamaPhone project was attached to. On its own, the bill likely would have been voted down. At the very least, we could manage effectiveness.

Thus, we need one line-item Congressional floor votes.

By the time a bill gets to the floor for a vote, it’s been loaded with pork. Congressman add these nonsensical or unnecessary money-grabs to bills usually in exchange for votes.

Through one line-item votes done digitally, we would have a way to track correspondence on bills, while simultaneously preventing these larcenists from adding things to the bills.

No more using military funding bills to pass “pork” legislation. Further, Congressmen and Senators would have no excuses, like “I voted for the bill to fund the military, and the rest of the baggage came with it.”.

These few things, and government returns to the people. We don’t need to leave this to chance. We should look at a Convention of States. And if that’s not possible, we target those who would dare go against us, and end their careers.


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