Trump LEADERSHIP: 16000 Power Techs Ready in Florida

Trump LEADERSHIP: 16000 Power Techs Ready in Florida

Government is rarely the answer. But citizens always are.

And that’s why 16,000 technicians from coast to coast wait to assist Florida Power and Light (FP&L) in anticipation of Hurricane Irma.

I don’t recall Obama getting this type of citizen support during Sandy or during the other hurricane that hit Louisiana, when Obama continued to vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Why help Obama, when he preached of how Big Government can solve all our problems? Certainly every natural disaster proves that the government is our savior?

If the government reported the truth, we’d learn that private citizens save more lives than FEMA. That’s not to say that FEMA isn’t needed. But the fact is those closest to you can and usually do help the most. During Hurricane Harvey we witnessed rescue after rescue by ordinary citizens willing to risk their lives to help the people around them. Selfless individuals willing to help strangers. Had it not been for them, the death toll from Harvey would have been much higher.

Thankfully, we live in the Era of Trump.

The humanitarianism of Americans is showcased daily. While President Trump understands the need for government, he knows that  Americans helping Americans is the true answer. Whether he says, “Make America Great Again,” or “America First”, the real Americans get it. We are the reason America is the envy of the world, not our bureaucrats.

Look at the pictures of Houston during and after Hurricane Harvey and count the number of people on cell phones, tablets, and so on. Most of these people were engaged with their fellow man. Either victims or heroes.


Thus, hundreds of power trucks travel to Daytona Beach from across the nation and Canada to help in the effort. Yes, even Canada has gotten involved, making this an international effort.

So far 30 states are involved, and who knows how many will help in the end. FP&L services about half of Florida, so you can bet the company is excited for the help. Such is the spirit of America. And now that Canada pitches in, our slogan many be “Make North America Great Again!”

What these power workers prove is that people make nations great, not government. This outpouring of support during the Era of Trump should surprise no one. Conservatives speak of self-reliance constantly, and we see these acts of kindness and bravery daily. Yet, the Left ignores the greatness of this country, as they prefer to divide the nation.

When you see this outpouring of humanity, one questions how the Left can so blatantly steal citizens from other countries.

I have argued rightfully that a country’s most precious resource is its citizens. 

Recently Mexico experienced a magnitude 8.2 earthquake. Who do you think is looking for people lost in the rubble. Who responded quickest? The Mexican government, or neighbors of victims? Think the government knows who’s missing?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Houston will need to rebuild. And with Hurricane Irma eating up the media cycles, little discussion has occurred about Houston. But my bet is because of the decisive action of President Trump, Houston experiences one of the fastest hurricane recoveries in history. We aren’t hearing a host of tragic stories, as we did post-Sandy.

Obama dropped the ball (what else is new), when it came to victims of Sandy. As Fortune reported, Obama left a lot of Sandy victims languishing.

The group, Stop FEMA Now, and law firm Weisbrod Matteis & Copley will be holding a press conference next week to “reveal what’s next for Harvey and Irma victims.” The intent, beyond spreading an ominous message to people whose homes have been flooded or destroyed by these two storms, is to put pressure on lawmakers to change the NFIP program. The federal flood-insurance program, which is about $25 billion in debt, is up for reauthorization this year.

The group says thousands of homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy, one of the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history, still haven’t been paid what they’re owed five years after the storm ravaged the East Coast. Organizers say many lost their homes and fell victim to NFIP fraud and abuse, despite paying flood insurance premiums for decades.

President Trump made sure this wouldn’t happen to victims of future hurricanes.

He recently angered the Republican establishment by cutting a deal with the Democrat to temporarily raise the debt ceiling and funding FEMA.

You can bet the victims of Sandy wish that President Trump had been president versus do-nothing incompetent Obama.



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