Trump Rescues Women and Minorities from Obama Era Racism

Trump Rescues Women and Minorities from Obama Era Racism

No matter what Obama did, the Left rejoiced.

Obama extolled the virtues of an organization that called blacks human weeds and kills black babies at almost 300 percent the black population. Next, he eulogized a Klansman.

Can you imagine how Donald Trump would be perceived if he spoke on behalf of an organization that showed abject disdain for blacks, and whose stated purpose was to eradicate “human weeds”? Or what if Trump eulogized a Klansman? Would the world look away so readily as they have with Obama?

And what of Obama’s policies? Forget that white America suffered, as they could absorb the pain. But what of blacks? Rampant unemployment, crime, and the worst schools in the country. If President Trump had Obama’s record, the Left would swear that he was intentionally hurting blacks.

Does anybody think President Trump would be allowed to brag about 16 million more people being on welfare? Or would the Left allow him the luxury of an unemployment figure that depended on people who quit looking for jobs?

The Left readily dismisses Obama’s record, saying “Don’t you know the man is BLACK!”

Obama crushed America, and more specifically he crushed those he claimed to help the most. With the exception of Muslims and the LGBTQ in their “social causes,” Obama helped nobody else. And Obama was particularly cruel to women and blacks. Thankfully, Trump comes to the rescue. 

According to the Daily Wire,

The Trump administration put a stop this week to an Obama-era rule that would have hurt the wage and employment prospects of all workers, and would have harmed women and minorities the most.

The rule would have required companies with 100 or more workers to report detailed salary information to government bureaucrats by sex, race, job category, and other factors.

As innocuous as additional reporting requirements may sound, the way in which the Department of Labor and lawyers would have used this information would have backfired on those workers that were the policies’ targets.

The purported goal of the rule was to close the widely misinterpreted gender wage gap and empower workers to identify and sue their employers for alleged discrimination in pay and promotions.

I’ve asked any Leftist to show me where asking for data like ethnicity, gender, religion and so on has helped the American public.

Data like that is use for one purpose by our Leftist government: to marginalize various groups of people. 

This tactic is mainly used by the Left, and they excel at “divide and conquer”. This data is the very reason America finds itself in massive debt and running huge deficits.

The article continues.

The Department of Labor was planning to use information obtained in response to the ruling to police employers who raised red flags in the agency’s data files for an unequal distribution in their employment and pay scales based on gender and race.

At the time the rule was proposed in January 2016, then-Chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Jenny Yang explained to The New York Times: “We will be using the information that we’re collecting as one piece of information that can inform our investigations [against employers].”

Large government contractors are already subject to the rules, giving us a glimpse of what other employers could expect if the rule was allowed to go into effect. The Department of Labor has sued several tech companies, including giants like Google and Oracle, for alleged gender discrimination in pay.

I have written extensively on this subject.

Pay disparities are a thing of the past, as laws are in place to protect against such practices. These laws allow for wiggle-room of the human factor. For example, men tend to be better negotiators than women. So if the government wants to fix an inequity, send women to school to learn to negotiate.

Along with lack of negotiation there are multiple other factors that affect pay. Overly simplistic government statistics omit these disparities. Nevertheless, Obama’s Department of Labor used this data to draw false conclusions. The Left use this narrative to pretend to help women. In fact, they hurt women, incense men, and make corporations look like the bad guys.

When accounting for measurable, relevant factors, the statistical pay gap between men and women all but disappears. No reputable study would conclude anything else.

You can bet the Left will use President Trump’s decision to claim a “war on women”. Many polls showed that younger women detested the idea that they got ahead on anything less than their skills. However, the Left paid no attention to that. Expect to hear more of this in 2018. And you can bet that nothing will change for the Democrats. They will get decimated in 2018, and again in 2020, using the same worn out tactics.

Congratulations to President Trump for again righting the ship, and sailing it out of the DC swamp.


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