MEDIA BLACKOUT: More than 1000 ISIS Troops Surrender to Coalition Forces

MEDIA BLACKOUT: More than 1000 ISIS Troops Surrender to Coalition Forces

Thanks to President Trump, the tide finally turned.

As Maury would say, “Barack, you ARE the father!” of ISIS. And for more than three years, the Islamic State controlled the areas around Hawija. Under the watchful eye of its family–the Obama administration–ISIS grew in both power and numbers.

For years, all the world heard was news of ISIS taking control of one region and destroying another. However, since President Trump took office, you’ve heard little. Now, ISIS finds itself on the run, leaving the media with nothing to report by ISIS tales of losses and defeat.

The latest humiliation for ISIS came in the battle to take back Hawija, the last stronghold. As the Jerusalem Post reports:

The battle to take Hawija began along the Tigris River west of the town. Iraqi security forces, including the Federal Police, the 9th armored division, 16th infantry division, elite counter-terrorism forces (ISOF), and units of the Hashd al-Shaabi, or Shia militias, all attacked ISIS from positions near Sharqat. With overwhelming force and tens of thousands of forces backed by armored vehicles and US-led Coalition airpower, the Iraqis proceeded to decimate ISIS.”

For approximately three weeks, the coalition launched 52 airstrikes to help shape the battlefield and force ISIS into a position from which they would fall. The importance of this tactical move is epic, as ISIS relinquished the territory. They’ve been downgraded to a terrorist insurgency. Their eventual defeat is all but guaranteed.

More than 1,000 ISIS fighters surrendered to the coalition.

Because of this victory, the military estimates that over four million Iraqis were liberated and approximately 16,000 square miles were freed.

Only recently, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson predicted the victory. The Secretary of State issued a statement in which he declared ISIS to be in the throes of death.

“ISIS’ fraudulent caliphate in Iraq and Syria is on the brink of being completely extinguished, thanks to an aggressive new strategy led by the President.”

In typical Leftist fashion, the media has covered none of this. Instead they deflected from President Trump’s victory with “petty nonsense“, as Tillerson called it.

While coalition troops were making the world safer, the media chose to report on a fake news rumor that Tillerson called the president a “moron”. Moreover, the claim was that Tillerson threatened to resign.

Tillerson put the media claims to rest, and chastised their efforts to divide the administration. The president backed Tillerson with a show of support on Twitter.

Trump’s Bold New Plan

Obama spent more time paying terrorists than he ever spent trying to defeat them. However, due to President Trump, many countries now embrace the U.S. plan to eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth.

The indicators are easy to spot.

Earlier this summer, President Trump was greeted by excited crowds in Poland happy to see a real leader. Poland fears invasion from Russia, and felt that Obama would be anemic in thwarting such an invasion should Putin push him. Poland knows President Trump would have a very different reaction to such an act. And the reaction to President Trump on the world stage is much the same in other countries.

Recall in his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Trump returned with the largest military contract from the Saudis in history.

President Trump warned:

“America and Europe have suffered one terror attack after another. We’re going to get it to stop.” At that moment, Trump doubled down his efforts.

President Trump’s presence united the UN against terror. Russia, Germany, France, among others, joined together to defeat ISIS and ISIL. Before Trump’s term ends, these terrorists will likely be completely wiped out, something Obama didn’t come close to doing.

When then-candidate Trump declared that he would wipe ISIS off the face of the earth, the Left scoffed. And you can bet that Obama thought Trump would need a magic wand. However, all Trump needed was the will and determination.

How many ISIS troops surrendered under Obama? None that I know of. But would it have mattered? All Obama did was catch and release, returning enemy combatants to the battlefield for another chance to kill Americans.

No wonder the Left so love Obama.













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