White Privilege: Berkeley Students Protest Taking Exam

White Privilege: Berkeley Students Protest Taking Exam

Minority students now want to dumb down the rest of the students to their level.

And why not! It’s only fair.

Academia has been making minority student more and more stupid, under the guise of “fairness”. As if telling a black or Hispanic kid that a 1080 SAT is equal to an Asian’s 1300.

Worse than pretending that a 1080 equals a 1300, the classes minority students take are embarrassing.

Check out this college that specializes in social justice classes. Here is how they advertise their curriculum.

Although the U.S. strives to award people based on their merit, some groups face systemic obstacles to achieving the American dream. The term “inequality” refers to disadvantages whole groups of people face because of their age, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status. These disadvantages can help determine whether someone can access education, well-paying jobs or quality healthcare. Moreover, inequalities are often interrelated. For instance, social inequality forces many minority groups into subpar schools, leading to long-term income loss that makes them less able to afford healthcare.

And why do people need to fight the good fight? Because there are very rich people in the world

The thirty richest people in the United States are worth $792 billion, yet 633,000 Americans are homeless during the winter. Inequalities exist in nearly every corner of the country. Added together, they reveal broader systemic injustices tied to lack of economic opportunities, education, justice and healthcare. But millions of professional devote their lives to helping others overcome inequality. From social workers to civil rights attorneys, those with a passion for fighting inequality and find fulfilling careers across dozens of professional fields. This guide explores these career and education programs, provides resources for fighting inequality, and gives insights from a nonprofit professional.

In short, wackademia reaps what it sowed. Education in America has produced the dumbest, least prepared workers on the planet. And sadly, they have bad attitudes. Most dumb people are smart enough to have a good personality.

Watch as a group of minority students debate a professor on why they shouldn’t take his exam:


The argument now in wackademia is that exams are racist?

Leftists need to take a serious look at what they’ve created.

Personally, I’d like colleges to have a litmus test. One question: “Are you willing to work around your [insert BS Leftist disability here] without bitching and moaning? If so, you’re welcome here. If not, go to the [insert BS Leftist disability here] college of your choice.

I get asked all the time, “When will it end?” The answer is simple, when we END IT!

In the video the students argue against testing. How do you argue with a professor about tests? Is testing a foreign concept? Apparently, for Generation Everybody Gets a Trophy, testing is unfair to all.

I can only imagine the conversation among wackademics, as they ponder their creations. Berkeley staff must be on pins and needles, because the college is not known for much except violent protests. They’ve created Frankenstein monsters.

And talk about caught in the middle. What must white kids be thinking? These kids were raised in the most non-racial society in America. Yet, they find themselves in the middle of a civil war that confuses the hell out of them. How could minority kids possibly believe they are oppressed in today’s America. To even remotely compare the genned up oppression of today to that of America circa 1960 is ridiculous.

Nevertheless, Leftists all over America encourage these snowflakes to look for oppression at every turn. And now oppression has sunk to the very basic academic act of test-taking?


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