Breaking: FBI Informant Silenced by AG Lynch Threats

Breaking: FBI Informant Silenced by AG Lynch Threats

The Russian scandal grows by the minute. Except it doesn’t involve the Trump administration. America will soon get a Jihad-A-Palooza as we watch Leftists heads roll.

Now we know why it took so long for the FBI informant to come forward. 

A while back our team predicted the Uranium One scandal would continue to expand until big Democrat names started dropping. That eventuality has hit.

Daily briefings informed President Obama of Russian plans to corner uranium market. Still, Obama allowed 20 percent of American uranium to be sold to criminal masterminds. .

DC Lawyer Victoria Toensing appeared on Hannity to drop the bomb on behalf of her client. The unnamed businessman worked for years as an FBI witness. However, in the spirit of transparency, the Obama administration blocked him from testifying before Congress in regards to transactions he witnessed between the US and Russia.

As we now know, the Clintons brokered a deal with the Russians through a company called Uranium One. And the Democrats who wanted to see all information related to potential Donald Trump involvement with the Russian now hold all information related to their involvement as a tightly guarded secret.

As for the nature of Obama’s involvement, not only did he receive these briefings, but so did Director Mueller and other officials.

We knew that eventually Mr. Scandal-Free Obama would be implicated. And there is no doubt that the Clintons would be front and center.

In order to cover up this type of gross malfeasance, the Obama administration would need lots of air support. They got it from the so-called Justice Department.

Loretta Lynch Strikes Again

If you think Lynch helped Hillary Clinton on the tarmac, just look at this.

The informant started his FBI work in 2009. At the appropriate time, he asked to testify. However, he was silenced by threats from Loretta Lynch, who threatened legal action against the person.

Fortunately for the Republic, the still unnamed informant wasn’t deterred. Instead, he obtained legal counsel to aid him in telling the truth.  He knows without a doubt the Russians worked to get close to both the Clintons and Barack Obama in order to secure a uranium deal.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

It seems like Loretta Lynch was busy during the 2016 presidential election making sure all of the skeletons stayed in the closet so her Queen Hillary would win the presidential election.

Loretta Lynch also forced James Comey to call Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation a “matter” rather than a criminal investigation.

And the Dems want to investigate Trump for obstruction of justice? They should be investigating crooked lying Loretta Lynch, not Trump.

This FBI informant will speak one way or another. As reported earlier, Rep. Ron DeSantis said in a press conference on Capitol Hill that if the DOJ doesn’t lift the informant’s NDA, they will issue him a subpoena.

The more Leftists try to pen this Russian scandal on Trump, the more they expose themselves.

Woulda Shoulda Coulda

Instead of throwing stones at Trump, the FBI should have investigated Lynch, Comey, Clinton and Obama long ago. There was more than enough smoke to lead investigators to the fire.

We’ve established that Lynch had secret meetings on the tarmac with Bill Clinton. We know she swept several Hillary scandals under the rug.

By now, we understand Comey’s role. He pretended to be impartial, giving America all the lead up to the big disappointments.

Finally, we now know Obama helped the Russians build reserves of Uranium.

Vladimir Putin was given a sweetheart deal at the expense of the American public. Sadly, our government put Russia’s interests above our own.

What swamp snakes! Their activities are treasonous, and they will soon have nowhere to hide.




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