Watch: Brutal TAKEDOWN of Bernie Sanders and the Myth of Robin Hood

Watch: Brutal TAKEDOWN of Bernie Sanders and the Myth of Robin Hood

Bernie Sanders brought a knife to a gun fight. And he got shot, metaphorically.

Though Sanders continues to pretend to fight for the poor, he proves yet again to not have taken his talking points on taxes to their bitter end.

For those who continue to follow the Pied Piper of Poverty, they received a dose of reality. Sanders sold out to Hillary Clinton and the crooked Democrats. Now a very wealthy man, Sanders continues to pander to those who believe government should provide funding from the cradle to the grave.

Senator Ted Cruz challenged that concept.

Last Wednesday Cruz and failed presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders debated each other on the GOP’s tax plan. Sanders invoked the normal BS of how the Trump tax plan would hurt the poor. He brought up Robin Hood, spinning the notion that Democrats will altruistically “rob from the rich and give to the poor”.

Cruz schooled the fool on the real lesson of Robin Hood.



Cruz skillfully informed Sanders that Robin Hood didn’t steal from entrepreneurs.

He stole from tax collectors who used their position and power to collect “too much taxes from the working men and women, (and who were) … taking it for the rich.”

In Bernie’s analogy, it is the Democrats who are King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And Robin Hood is saying: “Tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working. Stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.”

That last statement brought Cruz to another point: the sad fact that Democrats’ friends in the health insurance industry are thrilled with ObamaCare.

You notice, Bernie is going to tell you all this free stuff he’s going to give. And the Democrats love corporate welfare. They love to rail on the insurance companies. What they won’t tell you is that, under ObamaCare, the profits for the insurance companies doubled. When you have Washington giving out goodies, the big guys do great. It’s the little people who hurt. It’s the young people, it’s the entrepreneurs.

What’s interesting of Cruz correcting the record on Robin Hood is that most of us have never considered the Cruz’ notion.

We have been indoctrinated that Robin Hood was good, because he “stole from the rich and gave to the poor”. 

Our public school indoctrination condoned theft for what was supposed to be the “greater good”. In the erroneous concept, to rob the rich–regardless of how they earned their money–was considered noble.

But then Cruz sets the record straight. Robin Hood had no beef with the rich, he had a beef with the tax collectors who robbed the working man, while toiling not. These tax collectors took the money earned by the people to the aristocrats who had put them in authority.

Robin Hood saw how evil this concept was. So, when the tax collector gathered all the tax proceeds, Robin Hood robbed him. He then RETURNED the money to the people who had earned it.

In the video, it’s interesting to watch Sanders’ body-language. He’s noticeably uneasy that Cruz has exposed the ruse.

No true Conservative will not willingly help those in need. However, with Sanders, the definition of the “needy” has grown to the 47 percent of the population receiving some form of government assistance. That’s an untenable position for any nation. That thinking is why America is almost $20 trillion in debt.

TBS wrote of how a Leftist said government could put the unemployed back to work:

Leave it to some idiotic Leftist finance “guru” to get behind the “smartest president ever” in explaining why debt and money created ‘out of thin air’ are necessary, not evil.

That is the title of an article by Paul Solman, and here is an excerpt:

Let’s say I’m unemployed. The government of my society creates some more money and gives it to me in return for providing a service like filling costly potholes, which are getting more costly to fix with every passing day.

My fellow citizens get a service they can’t buy on their own, and I can now spend the money I get on their goods or services. That should, in turn, encourage them to provide more.

Do you spot the flaws? Let me help.

Government needs to give the money to somebody willing to WORK!

Our government gives money to people for doing absolutely nothing. And the better you are at gaming the system, the more you get. If people did create a product, or perform a needed service, then Solman might have a point…but not necessarily.

“Filling costly potholes” doesn’t require the overhead of government. Put another way: the private sector can do just fine filling potholes; it’s not sending a man to Mars.

Just to be clear. A person becomes unemployed, and uses his unemployment insurance to cover his debts. But government pretends to take care of the man by doling out the check the man earned by paying his unemployment insurance.

The government can offer this, because it has all the money the man has been paying for unemployment. Perception: it’s the government’s money.

Then, the government says it will get him a job filling potholes. In fact it’s a private company who will provide him the job. But the government holds the money for filling the potholes. Perception: it’s the government’s money.

Truth: it’s the people’s money.



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