Business Owner: White people shooting white people is community outreach

Business Owner: White people shooting white people is community outreach

In case you’re wondering if your vote mattered, get a load of this heapin’ helpin’ of white guilt.

Greg Morelli, the owner of Max’s Deli in Highland, Illinois, praised the shooting of “white people” in Las Vegas. Does this EYE-talian Greg Morelli know that he’s considered “white” by blacks. 

I get accused of being a race-traitor, which I find humorous. I don’t understand the term, but must admit that seeing a white guy something as stupid as thismdoes make a person take pause.

Interestingly, people like Morelli have been trained to think this way. Who looks upon a tragedy like the Las Vegas massacre where dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured, and the first thing they do is racialize it? Do Leftists have any real compassion?

Seeing post after post like this makes me wonder how in good conscience anybody could remain a “progressive”? We documented a teacher who said of the carnage in Vegas, “Pray that only Trumptards died”. This woman is a school teacher. Undoubtedly she molds young minds in the ways of the Left. And you wonder why youngsters these days are so detached. It’s not Grand Theft Auto making them that way.

In another example we had a CBS executive who said essentially the same thing as the teacher. Because the concert-goers were into country music, the media exec was fine with the deaths of dozens.

Anybody wonder why these people detest the military? Anybody wonder why the military has become so “progressive”?

The irony lies in the fact that Leftists believe their antics will endear them to blacks. You can bet that if dozens of blacks were killed, and hundreds more wounded the outcry from the Left would be deafening. Interestingly, even after the antics of black multi-millionaire footballers bitching about “social justice”, Leftist can’t come to the logical conclusion to their pandering. That conclusion? That no matter how much money black Leftists make, there is no limit to their complaining.

How many more Leftist business owners need to feign revolt against President Trump? Or against white people? Anthony Bourdain actually said that if he were allowed to cook for President Trump, he would poison him. Why?

Because Leftist had eight years to buck the system. Obama was in charge, so the race was on to see who could pander to blacks the most. Whether adopting black children or saving black toner ink, Leftists hurdled one another to prove how much they could social-engineer lowly black people. They regaled one another with their stories of black woe.

We insisted our caterer hire a black man as part of his crew for our little soiree. Keep in mind that Gino employed NO African-Americans, but we DEMANDED he bring Jaquan!

Don’t be surprised if one day you have a game show dedicated to such nonsense.

Welcome to Who Helped the Black Man the Most”, the game show where guilty white Leftists compete for $50,000 to give to Ray Ray’s 12 baby-mamas if the guilty white person can pander best to African-Americans!!

Sounds insane, right?

But look at all the “white guilt” classes in school. For example, from PJ Media:

The All-School Seminar Day at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, is set for February 28 and focuses on “understanding today’s struggles for racial civil rights.” It’s a full day of panel discussions led by radical left-wing speakers, covering topics such as “Behind the Veil of Racism,” “21st Century Voter Suppression,” “Examining Our Biases,” “Microaggressions: Voices from Literature,” Empowering Diversity Through a Growth Mindset,” and workshops on “Appropriate Alliances: Working in White Spaces.”

And when they are selling white guilt, they vend white privilege. One seminar I found is up to 19 years in a row.

One idiot professor recently proclaimed hard work to be “white privilege”.

Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor Angela Putman recently asserted in an academic paper that the notion “if I work hard, I can be successful” is merely a product of white ideology, reports Campus Reform.

Angela Putman conducted a study to critique and examine “ideologies within college students’ discourse that are foundational to whiteness.” Her resulting conclusion published on Thursday was that “meritocracy”, or the belief that people should rise based on the fruits of their own labor, is a “white ideology.” In her mind, this “white ideology” is unfortunately widely accepted in academia.

Excuse my language, but does this bitch realize how racist that statement is?!

The idea that blacks don’t know hard work, because it’s not part of our ethos?

Believe it or not, black Leftists reward this type of moron-think. They consider white progressives amazing thinkers for proposing such gobblety-gook. Thus, Greg Morelli expects a reward for his self-deprecating ideas. He willing say what other whites want to say…not!

On no planet with sane inhabitants would anybody ever say that. I would never see black people killed en masse then say, “Those black people deserved it

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