Did Raiders Throw Game To ‘Punish’ Star Quarterback

Did Raiders Throw Game To ‘Punish’ Star Quarterback

Last Sunday in Washington DC may have been a scene from The Longest Yard: where the team revolts on its star quarterback.

In an odd case of life imitating art, rumors are swirling that the Oakland Raiders offense may have conspired to intentionally lose their primetime Sunday Night Football matchup against the Washington Redskins.  What would cause a professional athletic team to even consider purposely tanking a game infront of a national TV audience?

In one word: Politics.

Remember the key word is ‘almost’.  Not every member of the Raiders took a knee, namely franchise Quarterback Derek Carr.

Sacramento radio hosts Armstrong & Getty discussed the Sunday Night Fiasco on their morning radio show:

“So Derek Carr, who is never sacked – was sacked four times by the Redskins, back to back on the second offensive series of the Raiders,” the host said.

 “The first series he threw almost immediately was intercepted, so that series was over before it began,” they said.

 “Also, three times, the extremely dependable, never-does-this center – the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback – snapped it before Carr was ready … three times. He “hiked” it – as the kids say – into Carr’s knees before he was supposed to.

When asked about the controversy, Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio said:

Coach Jack Del Rio denied Monday that the emotions leading up the Raiders’ game against Washington the day before had anything to with his team’s lackluster performance on a national stage.

Asked if what had happened throughout the league on Sunday was a distraction or affected the way the Raiders played, Del Rio, at his news conference, simply answered, “No, I don’t think so” without elaborating.

However, the Raiders offensive linemen were a little ‘more vocal’:

Raiders offensive lineman Donald Penn said, “I wish I didn’t have to do anything like that. I’ve been standing all the time, but when you get called out personally by the President of the country you gotta do something. I ain’t wanna do that. I don’t think my teammates wanna do that.”

Right tackle Marshall Newhouse added, “The injustice in the country just doesn’t sit well with us, regardless of what the President said before. This is kind of an ongoing problem and we’re making a statement about that. It might seem that way that it was kind of a reaction to the President, but this stuff’s been going on for a long time.”

But Where There’s Smoke…

Armstrong & Getty revealed that an “inside source” is claiming that the game was thrown. If this is true, the NFL has a huge problem on their hands. In their Thursday broadcast, the duo pointed out that one of the Raiders’ players said:

“If he wants to stand alone (for the National Anthem), he can stand alone on the field.”

 If this story is true, you’ve got an animosity between a white quarterback and a black offensive line that you can’t fix very easily.  Now this is getting into paranoia…and the fan base and the whole country.

So is this a one-time punishment?  Have they gotten together and talked to each other?  Or are the black guys in the team not going to block for the white guys?

 At least for one game, it seems to be a message that was sent.  Maybe it was brief, maybe it was ‘alright, we’re going to let him get hit a couple times, see if he gets the message, but we don’t know.

 There were a handful of dropped passes by some of the black players that were ‘really weird’.

 That happens in the NFL all the time…but then the other stuff came up.

 They have a huge danger warning buzzer going off right now because if this happens on the Raiders, it could happen on any team as different decisions are made…as times are divided.

 When a reporter asked a team official about this, the hosts said they would be ‘blackballed.’

Suspicious Behavior.

On a very tumultuous Sunday that split the country down racial and ideological lines, players may have tarnished the sacred institution of Sunday football.  Rabid sports fans now burn their once cherished NFL gear, as stadium fans were openly booing their own home teams. In a career-limiting-move some players attacked sports fans, saying “don’t come to the games”.

If they continue to “fix” the games, these players may very well get their wish. You can bet that Vegas will pay close attention in the coming week, as will fantasy sports players.