Clinton Team: Calling Dossier FAKE mischaracterizes the Fake Dossier [VIDEO]

Clinton Team: Calling Dossier FAKE mischaracterizes the Fake Dossier [VIDEO]

What a joy to watch Leftists squirm.

The Democrats will do anything to stop the blood-letting, except tell the truth. 

Check out this tortured attempt to explain away the fake dossier that led to the fake investigation of Donald Trump and his campaign.

Partial Transcript:

BURNETT: “He just now refers to it as the fake dossier. Which is why I want to make the point some has been corroborated. Do you think some or most is true?”

CLAPPER: “I don’t know that. First, I do want to comment on the pedigree of the financing, the trail there. When we did our intelligence committee assessment, we were aware that the, there had been research done and that some Republican candidates as a matter of fact had contracted through I think Fusion GPS to obtain what it later became known as a dossier.”

BURNETT: “So Clinton paid for part of it.”

CLAPPER: “That work was handed off later to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. So I think this is something that bears an audit trail by experts in finances that can track the auditing for this. And to see who was responsible for it. I think with respect to the dossier it, the key thing is doesn’t matter who paid for it. It’s what the dossier said and the extent to which it was corroborated or not. We had some concerns about it from the standpoint of its sourcing, but the same time, some of the substantive content, not all of it, but some, we were able to corroborate in our intelligence community assessment X which from other sources in which we had high –”

BURNETT: ” So when the president refers to it as fake dossier, that is false.”

CLAPPER: “I don’t think that’s an accurate characterization for the entirety of the dossier.”

So the dossier has fake information and some real information.

In other words, the dossier spelled Donald Trump’s name correctly, so there is some reality to the document.

Even CNN almost questions the dossier:

The long probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election took another turn this week when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign helped fund the creation of the controversial Trump dossier.

Like with so much else attached or adjacent to the Russia investigation — from President Donald Trump’s campaign and its associates to Clinton and hers — separating the noise from the news can be an exhausting endeavor. This latest round of new details poses all the usual complications.

So, what happened — and what matters? Partisans, especially Clinton and Trump loyalists, would give you very different answers. But it boils down to a question of priorities. None of the major facts revealed this week are being disputed. The fight is over what’s relevant to the bigger picture — and whether anything has materially changed.

In the video with this link, the woman admits that much of the information was not corroborated. And it never will be.

Perhaps the more revealing part of the CNN article is as follows: 

So again, the new thing here is not that Democrats paid Fusion GPS, and so helped — wittingly or unwittingly — to bankroll Steele’s work, but that it was, specifically, Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. (Your eye-rolling friend would, right about now, pop up to ask, “Well, who else would it have been?” It’s a fair question.)

Note: Opposition research — as dirty and secretive as it can be — is an everyday part of US elections.

If it’s no big deal, why didn’t Clinton’s team and the DNC share this earlier?

Good question!

The Clinton campaign and the DNC could have simply told reporters they had entered into a deal with Fusion GPS months ago, cutting off whatever speculation was out there and effectively forestalled this new drama. But they did not. And the result is the fact that the Clinton campaign funded this research could very well take some wind out of the sails of those outraged about Trump’s emissaries potentially working with a foreign power.

There are many “good questions” in all of this. The best questions might be how the media refused to investigate the scandal right under their noses.

And now we get the litany of excuses. Some people on the Left argue that giving the country the Democrats deem our arch enemy 20 percent control of our uranium a good thing. Hillary Clinton herself dismissed the discussion of the deal as a witch hunt of sorts.

TBS wrote:

The Democrats almost always tell you what they are up to.

And they do it IN YO FACE!

During an interview with C-SPAN, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to downplay what may be the biggest scandal in modern American history. She literally gives you the play-by-play for what the Left have tried to do to Donald Trump for well over a year now.

Partial transcript:

“I would say it’s the same baloney they’ve been peddling for years, and there’s been no credible evidence by anyone. In fact, it’s been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked.”

If by debunked Clinton means “proven true” then the story will be debunked. And she will get “debunk” below her cellmate.

As for Clapper, he loses credibility with each interview. It’s time the Left stop protecting the Clintons and Obama. They need to confess.

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