CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping Polio Survivor

CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping Polio Survivor

First they were the #FakeNews. Now, they’re just a bunch of jackasses posing as reporters.

In an effort to make fun of Trump, CNN reporter Daniella Diaz crossed the line. 

President Trump walked up the stairs at the White House holding Mitch McConnell’s arm. The two walked hand-in-hand after a press conference in the Rose Garden. Afterward, Diaz poked fun at them on her Twitter account.

It didn’t take long for people to respond to Diaz, pointing out her lack of empathy.

Even one of Diaz’s colleagues called her out. Sad that CNN needed to educate one of their own. Truly a product of “public education”.

As Fox News reports of CNN’s Senior Congressional Correspondent Raju Manu who tweeted:

“McConnell is a polio survivor, a reason why stairs can be tricky at times.”

“McConnell often goes up a step at a time, sometimes needs railing for assistance. This time, used Trump for balance.”

Lousy Reporting

McConnell explained his polio during the 1990 election cycle in Kentucky.

“When I was a child and my dad was in World War II, I got polio. I recovered, but my family almost went broke,” McConnell said.

In other words, McConnell’s disability is old news. But not for the uninformed, brain-dead Leftist Diaz.

She couldn’t wait to get in her jab at an old white Republican. Any guess as to how she would have felt had the person receiving help were getting we a Democrat? Or what if Obama were helping McConnell up the stairs? Would Diaz have centered her attention on how great Obama is to help McConnell, wholly forgetting her opportunity to bash McConnell’s brains in.

Leftists allow their hatred to overrule their compassion, something they claim to have in abundance.

McConnell and Trump

reporter mocks Trump; #KevinJacksonMany people misinterpret the relationship between Trump and McConnell. When Trump tweets things like “let’s get this done, Mitch”, leftists assume conflict. However, President Trump uses Twitter as a shot over the bough. He considers his tweets a wake-up call. But Leftists look for the salacious angle to a man merely negotiating the art of the deal.

In their recent meeting, President Trump and McConnell were both happy to convey news of judicial appointments.

As Fox continues:

In Monday’s surprise display of togetherness, both the president and Mr. McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and majority leader, emphasized their shared desire to begin moving aggressively to install conservative jurists at the appeals and district court level.

Focusing on judges has multiple advantages for both the president and Mr. McConnell. The courts are a longtime priority of conservative activists who have been grumbling about the failures of the Republican Congress, so a flurry of confirmations of nominees with known conservative views on cultural and government issues could quiet some complaints.

Because of changes in Senate practices instituted by Democrats in 2013, Republicans can now confirm judges on simple majority votes. That virtually guarantees success if enough time and effort are devoted to pushing the nominations through.

Mr. McConnell has also made clear his interest in eliminating the so-called blue slip, one last arcane procedural tool that Democrats have used to slow nominees in the Judiciary Committee. If he is successful in ending that Senate tradition, which gives a senator the right to block a judicial nominee in his or her state, it could greatly accelerate the entire process

We documented just how big this will be for the Republicans and for America.

The judiciary is where Obama was unable to hurt the Democrats. In fact this is the only area where Obama didn’t hurt Democrats and he actually helped them. But the gravy days are over.

The article continues,

As Donald Trump is inaugurated as our nation’s 45th president, there are 114 pending vacancies in the federal courts. This represents just over 12 percent of the federal judiciary and the largest percentage of judicial seats vacant for an incoming president since Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1992 (when just over 13 percent of judicial seats were vacant).

An additional 14 sitting judges have announced their plans to take senior status or retire in the coming months, creating an additional 14 vacancies. (The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts keeps track of current vacancies as well as pending vacancies.) We can also expect many more vacancies to materialize over the next four years.

One would have to do an analysis of what the impact is of these appointments. In other words, how many of these appointments affect Leftist judges versus Conservative judges. But the fact that Donald Trump will appoint more judges since Clinton is good news regardless.

What the Left and other “never Trumpers” will find out soon is how deft President Trump is at accomplishing his goals. Will they ever turn around? Of course not. But there will be many middle of the road types who will.

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