Dan Schneider: Is He the Next Harvey Weinstein? [VIDEO]

Dan Schneider: Is He the Next Harvey Weinstein? [VIDEO]

I will say upfront that I know almost nothing about Hollywood people. I try to keep it that way.

Hollywood houses and incubates the worst form of humanity on the planet. That said, I know there are many more Harvey Weinsteins in Hollywood.

I saw this tweet, and wondered if Dan Schneider might be the next one.


I remember the Corey Feldman interview about Pedophiles in Hollywood.

Then I found this article on a forum:

Hollywood is creepy place, to say the very least. While Im not in the business, I know people who are on a personal level, and they have told me things that have made my skin crawl. The following article is a summary of some the things they have openly talked to me about.

The theme of pedophilia in Hollywood is all too common; I mean ridiculously common. Its all hush-hush because of the amount of money and executive power most of these people have, but regardless, stories get out.

Stories like parents who are familiar with the business whoring their own children off to known pedophile producers and have no problem doing so because theyre usually abusive themselves and want their child to become the familys cash cow. Many parents who unfamiliar with the business dont realize what theyre getting their child into beforehand, but when their child confides in them after being inappropriately touched by a producer, the parents dont want to file an accusation and ruin everything that child has essentially built for them.

Child stars are often molested at a young age, and then become hyper-sexual by the time they are in their late teens.

By then they are willingly **** any and every producer they can for gigs. While theyre getting money and fame in exchange for sex, they may not feel guilty about it at the time because they are being instantly rewarded for their behavoir, but as these stars get older and less desirable to producers, and get less famous, the actions of their youth come back to psychologically haunt them, resulting in meltdowns and erraticbehavior. Just look at stars like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin, Amanda Bynes and many others, it becomes apparent.

One of the greatest examples of an alleged child predator producer is Dan Schneider, who created and wrote Zoey 101, All That, Victorious, iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, and What I Like About You, and is the most successful writer/tv executive in Childrens Entertainment Television for the last thirty years.

Robert Downey Jr. allegedly wrote the following statement about Dan Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights under the screen name Himmmm:

Hes a monster. The WORST predator alive. And if you wonder why nobody will confront or charge him? Hes in charge of multiple HIT SHOWS for Nick which rakes in oceans of money. Tens of millions of dollars multiplied by many years and many shows (not to mention his merchandising royalties). So Viacom-Nick warn him to cool it – then pay for his damn lawyers.

What about the parents? No tweener parent who shoved their kid into the limelight from birth is going to cross him either, and risk career suicide and loss of revenue (and residuals and future career). No matter how bad it ****s up the kids. Especially if theres MULTIPLE kid actors in the family. And the kids agents are complicit too. Just ask the Spears family. A LOT of settlements get paid out of Viacoms accounts.

I know nothing about Dan Schneider, so do your own research. But I have no doubt we will soon hear about many more lecherous Hollyweirdos soon.

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