Democrat Presidential Candidate BOYCOTTS moment of silence for Vegas victims

Democrat Presidential Candidate BOYCOTTS moment of silence for Vegas victims

The Democrats proved in the last election that they have a long list of stellar candidates.

With twice-failed Hillary Clinton officially (maybe) out of contention, Leftists offer a new crop of crazy.

Meet Rep. Seth Moulton, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts. In what will undoubtedly secure his nomination for 2020, Moulton, says he will boycott a moment of silence in honor of the victims of Sunday’s gruesome mass shooting in Las Vegas.

There are some things that won’t be forgiven, like kneeling during the national anthem. But that doesn’t stop the hardcore Democrats from shooting off their foots.

Moulton’s ploy involves making his other Congressmen look lazy. The Iraq War veteran and potential 2020 Democratic presidential nomination contender tweeted,

“NOT be joining my colleagues in a moment of silence on the House floor that just becomes an excuse for inaction.”

Moulton is consistent, as he refused to participate in the moment of silence after the June 2016 mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. So Moulton has lost the LGBTQ vote and the Redneck vote. Lucky for him there has been no moment of silence for blacks killed by police!

Publicity stunt?

I’m not sure if this is a publicity stunt, though my gut says it is. After all, did you know that Moulton didn’t observe the moment of silence for the gays killed in the Muslim attack? I didn’t.

Moulton’s timing may be good. Not long ago he called out the Democratic Party, and specifically Nancy Pelosi. NPR wrote:

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton says his party – the Democratic Party – needs a new vision, a new message and new leaders. Moulton, who’s in his second term, joined the Marine Corps straight out of Harvard and did four tours in Iraq. After the 2016 election, he voted against Nancy Pelosi remaining the House Democrats’ leader, and he reiterated his opposition to Pelosi after the Democrats lost a special House election last week in Georgia.

Sounds good, and I can’t argue with the man. Moulton’s problem is he has no real message either. And he does have his alma mater going against him, since Obama hailed from Harvard.

If Moulton can convince people that his degree from Harvard is legit and shows his grades, who knows.

NPR questioned Moulton on what he would do:

SIEGEL: Just to understand, if you could sum up – if you have a sense of what the message is that would resonate with middle America and, frankly, with white middle-class voters, what’s that message?

MOULTON: Well, Robert, it’s got to be an economic message. It’s got to be a message of opportunity. Not just fairness, but how do we get you back to work? I think we’ve got to have a message that’s focused on where the economy is going, not just where it’s been. Not about going back to 1955 and going back into the coal mines, but really how everybody in America can be a part of the economy of the future.

Apparently Moulton believes he would be inheriting an Obama economy. Has this guy looked at what President Trump has done?

Look at consumer confidence.

The “positive feelings” most Americans feel in the economy since Donald Trump became president has “jumped,” and many can actually cite the improvements in their personal finances since the Inauguration, according to a new survey.

The swing in confidence in the latest Economist/YouGov survey was due in part to the shift in attitudes among Republicans, while Democrats haven’t abruptly changed their views much since Barack Obama was president.

The survey found that those who view the economy getting better has nearly doubled under Trump, up to 30 percent from 17 percent a year ago.

The view of Republicans has swung 180 degrees. Under Obama, 5 percent saw the economy as “getting better” and today it is 53 percent.

Moulton has no idea what a challenge he will have in 2020. And his moment of silence won’t help.

I suggest he honor a moment of silence, and keep his mouth shut when it comes to a 2020 run.






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