Democrat Confesses to Helping Rig Election

Democrat Confesses to Helping Rig Election

What’s the easiest way to win a contest? Get rid of your opponent.

Democrats love to accuse the GOP of election fraud. However, we knew in our hearts and confirmed from Wikileaks, Leftists excel at frauds of all types.

Check out this innovative and unique approach to election rigging.

As Fox News reports:

A one-time challenger to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady pleaded guilty Monday to hiding a $90,000 payment from the powerful Philadelphia Democrat’s campaign in exchange for dropping out of a 2012 primary.

“I don’t disagree with what the government said I did,” Moore told Judge Jan DuBois.

Moore met with Brady shortly before exiting the race and the two discussed the arrangement, according to the plea agreement. They decided that the payment would be disguised, partly as the purchase of a campaign poll that Brady already had in his possession, according to the court documents

And there’s no telling just how many times this idea has worked. Nevertheless, they finally got caught.

66-year-old Jimmie Moore, (the white guy) a former city judge sat on the other side of the bench. He plead guilty to filing a false finance report and agreed to cooperate in a full investigation of his actions. It was the paper trail that busted Brady’s (the black guy’s) scheme.

As of now, Brady hasn’t been charged with any crime. But it’s coming.

Brady made the payment, as he wanted to win at any cost.

Fox continues:

“There’s a vast amount of evidence out there. Whether it tends to point to Congressman Brady as doing something illegal, or tends to exculpate him, I don’t know,” said Moore’s lawyer Jeffrey Miller.

Despite the lawyer-speak, we know the truth here. Brady wasn’t confident that he could win fair and square. So he gave Moore 90,000 reasons to retire. Now, Moore isn’t looking for senior living communities. He won’t be sentenced until January. However, the judge could end up behind bars over the escapade.

Buying Votes

Democrats don’t just pay people to drop out of elections. They buy so many votes, they’ve earned the title: “party of free stuff.” Liberals promise free college, free healthcare, free legal aid, free food, whatever it takes to win the voter. Democrats never know how they’ll pay for all this; all they know is promising free stuff wins popularity contests.

Like Kevin Jackson recently said:

“Democrats can’t win on the message. That’s because they don’t have a message.”

Democrats don’t even have a plan from one day to the next. All they can do is use underhanded tactics to win votes of desperation.

As the Boston Globe noted:

There’s something inherently depressing about a country that forever needs to pour more taxpayer resources into rescuing people from economic crisis, and a Democratic party that now makes that the chief incentive for voter support.

The era when Americans were not supposed to ask their country what it could do for them, and instead ask what they can do for their country, feels like ancient history. And Democrats are the ones closing the door on it.

What’s Next?

Unfortunately, Democrats have been cheating the election process for decades. Under Obama, they’re heads really exploded. Liberals thought they created a one-party system, in which leftists would always be in charge.

Who’s next on the Swamp List?

With Democrats, you can bet it won’t take long to find out.





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