Democrat Rep: Women Have Responsibility to Avoid Sexual Assault

Holy Mother of Todd Aiken, what did Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson just say?

Sounding like a Conservative, Eddie Bernice Johnson just drove a stake through the heart of the Women’s Movement.

I don’t believe a man has a right to EVER force himself on a woman, whether that’s with physical power or the power of position.

However, I agree with much of what Eddie Bernice Johnson said, in many of the cases around Harvey Weinstein, the woman had the ability to stop the man.

Let’s face it, sometimes life choices require courage. Unfortunately for the Left, they define courage in the strangest of ways. For example, Jason Collins was called “courageous” for coming out gay. The man was engaged to a woman, and the president of the United States at the time, Barack Obama called to congratulate the man for the cowardice of hiding his sexuality from his fiancee. Obama defined that as courage.

So for the Left to look for role models in courage showcases an exercise in futility. Courage is in short supply anywhere Leftism flourishes.

TBS wrote of feminism:

They may publicly play the fraud, but behind closed doors they are anything but feminists.

Occasionally, and it is admittedly rare, one of these feminists admits publicly that they screwed up. That’s what happened to a devout feminist recently, as she apologized to Christians.

As reported in WND,

A founding member of the radical-feminist group Femen has disavowed the organization, apologized to Christians and adopted a pro-life stance.

Sara Fernanda Giromini, once known as “Sara Winter” when she helped create Femen Brazil in 2012, now says the group “promotes the destruction of the traditional family and all moral values ​​of society.”

People who know my work know my stance on feminism. Like Affirmative Action, feminism is quite simply not needed. Feminism provides a crutch for women too lazy to work in a relationship. Ergo, feminists blame being physically and emotionally vile human beings on men.

Further, feminism is blatantly and unapologetically racist.

Feminism decimated the black community. For example, black women are the least married group in America. Moreover, 72 percent of children are raised by single mothers. White feminists grew up and eventually married. Most started shaving their legs and underarms, and embraced their new-found lives that happily include men.

Eddie Bernice Johnson won’t take a lot of heat from her stance. After all, she’s a black Democrat. They get a pass on such statements.

Truthfully, Johnson should get a pass on such a statement, because much of what she said is true. Even vile men like Weinstein know when they can’t approach a woman with their sexual innuendo. In the old days, mothers taught their daughters morality, and how to spot a man with bad intentions. Women knew not to put themselves in harm’s way.

Now, girls go out to get drunk and pridefully exclaim they have no idea what happened the night before.

My grandmother told me of a story where she and her sister went to a bar for a drink. They met a couple of men and conversed for a bit. After a while she said they excused themselves to go to the restroom, and upon returning, my grandmother and great-aunt were handed drinks by the two men. As her sister began to drink, my grandmother ordered her to put the drink down. She said of the men, if you want to buy us drinks, you will do so while we are present. She refused to drink something she didn’t get from the bartender herself.

Keep in mind that happened 70 years ago.

Women of yore respected themselves more. Fewer put themselves in compromising positions, though yes it certainly happened.

But today, the sellouts abound. Far too many women will do whatever they can to get ahead. The Weinstein situation revealed a lot about feminism, as it did anything else.

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