DNC plotted FAKE sexual harassment charges against Trump

DNC plotted FAKE sexual harassment charges against Trump

How clever that the Left tried to smear Donald Trump with their own dirty deeds.

During the 2016 campaign trail the Left tried to portray Trump as a hateful man inciting violence at his events. 

Each time Trump held a rally the fake news media reported about violent attacks that claimed were caused by Trump supporters. However, thanks to undercover video group, Project Veritas, we learned that organizations paid people to cause violence. Moreover, the DNC and other Leftists, including of Hillary Clinton knew about the ruse.

“James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released video evidence that left-wing organizer and high-level Democratic Party operative Robert Creamer is, in fact, linked directly to Hillary Clinton, who personally approved at least one of his disruptive tactics.

 O’Keefe produced video showing Creamer, the co-founder of the Democracy Partners consulting group, and his colleague, Scott Foval, discussing their past and present efforts to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies and other events.”

Now a new document from Wikileaks shows an email chain of DNC staffers discussing their plot to pin sexual harassment charges against Donald Trump.

The email chain shows a craigslist ad put out by the DNC. The purpose of the ads was to paint the Trump organization in a bad light at best. At worst, Trump was to appear to be a sexual predator:

Job requirements:

* No gaining weight on the job (we’ll take some “before” pictures when you start to use later as evidence)

* Must be open to public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job

* A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness for the boss’ satisfaction is a plus

* Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you’re too old

We’re proud to maintain a “fun” and “friendly work environment, where the boss is always available to meet with his employees. Like it or not, he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.

Interested applicants should send resume, cover letter, and headshot to [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

The rest of the email chain is the DNC staffers discussing the ad to see if its worth the risk of a lawsuit.

“Hi Graham and Jackie,

 This is copy for a job we’d like to post on Craigslist. We’re aware that it might get taken down, and we’re comfortable with that, but we want to make sure we’re not exposing ourselves to any other action when we post.

 Thanks, Cate”

“Hi Cate, The defamation risk here is too high. I know we are going for a parody, but given the content of the post (his private business practices, sexual harassment, etc) we would open ourselves up to a defamation suit if we posted.

 Happy to discuss if you have questions.

 Thanks, Jackie”

 “Just talked to Jackie – apparently because we’re talking about sexual harassment, the defamation risk is really high, but he hasn’t been litigious yet, so…”

As if we would fall for this nonsense?

We now have the emails to prove Hillary Clinton and the DNC worked overtime to try and character assassinate the president and ruin his credibility. They even had the lying media’s help.

Remember when the New York Times tried to twist the words of Trump’s former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane?

During the campaign, The Times did a hit piece on Trump saying Lane had a bad experience with Donald Trump.

“Rowanne Brewer Lane, who as a 26-year-old model was asked by the businessman to put on a swimsuit during their first meeting at a Mar-a-Lago pool party.

…A debasing face-to-face encounter between Mr. Trump and a young woman he hardly knew. This is the private treatment of some women by Mr. Trump, the up-close and more intimate encounters,” the Times wrote.”

When Lane had heard how they spun her story she immediately went on an episode of Fox and Friends to explain:

“They spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump, and I don’t appreciate them making it look like that I was saying that it was a negative experience because it was not,” Brewer Lane said.

“he never made me feel like I was being demeaned in any way. He never offended me in any way. He was very gracious. I saw him around all types of people, all types of women. He was very kind, thoughtful, generous, you know. He was a gentleman,” Brewer said.

Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump has been wealthy his entire life, and is the poster boy for “billionaire playboy”. Trump always gets the girl…willingly.

On the other side of the aisle, Weinstein was the fat ugly kid who couldn’t get the girls. So when he got power, Weinstein exacted payback. But the girls win in the end.



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