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CNN Anchor Reads Letter to President Trump on Air then WEEPS [VIDEO]

Don Lemon Reads Letter to President Trump on Air then WEEPS

Apparently Lemon is so upset by Trump’s tweet, it made him cry. Or his ratings could be down?

Check out the video and tell me those are real tears!  

Remember the Gold Star widow who accused Trump of being insensitive. According to Myeshia Johnson, the President disrespected her family with his phone call to give his condolences. She lied. And Kevin Jackson hit the nail on the head when he said:

To blatantly lie about President Trump has become the modus operandi for the Left, particularly the black Left. They don’t want to give the man a chance, because the dichotomy between President Trump and former president Obama could not be more clear.

Her claim was the president knew nothing of her husband’s record. Another lie.

You can bet that President Trump did his research.

When the president called La David Johnson’s widow, he was prepared with notes of the soldier’s military career, goals, family life and other accomplishments. He wanted to personalize the call, even though he never knew this fallen soldier. Furthermore, this call was important to President Trump, because he loves and respects the military.

However, Lemon ignored the stories contradicting Johnson’s account. Instead, the world’s worst reporter saw an opportunity to showcase his personal vendetta.

Dear Mr. President

Lemon starts his rant by pretending he could barely sleep knowing Trump defended his actions. Although Presidents rarely have time to make so many personal phone calls during the course of an administration, Trump has repeatedly said this presidency belongs to the people. Obviously he proves those sentiments with his actions. Nevertheless, Lemon had to express his outrage with a personal letter to Trump.

The Letter

“I know you have children. You have two daughters. Can you imagine Ivanka or Tiffany in Myeshia’s shoes having a fight with the commander-in-chief while they are pregnant and grieving? If Myeshia Johnson is mad at you, take it. Just as President Bush and others did. Take it. It’s part of what you signed up for when you decided to descend that escalator and throw your hat in the ring for president. You are the commander-in-chief, the President of the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth.

Act like it- act like you know that you’re big enough not to have to win every fight or respond to every criticism; act like you know where the high road is. Competent and secure people ask for help all the time and they ask for forgiveness. Insecure people think they know everything and need no help. And I want you to think about this. The only Gold Star families you have attacked are people of color. How does that look?

Lemon paints Trump as a racist!

CNN’s famous screw-up made a point to say Trump only criticized the widow because she’s black.

Could this letter be any more ridiculous?


And I’m going to end with some words to help you to that. You’re welcome to use them. And so now I’m going to speak directly to Myeshia Johnson, as you should. Mrs. Johnson, since the President seems incapable of finding the right words, let me speak for the entire country. We are all sorry for what you are going through. All grief is different, and we cannot imagine how deep and profound yours is. We agree with you that La David, your hero husband, was an awesome soldier, a great man, a great American.

We know from what has been written about him that he wanted to be someone great, do great things with his life, and he was great, and he did great things. He is a role model to me. When his photos come up on the TV screen or I see them in the newspaper, I am so incredibly proud of him and what he accomplished. And to be extremely candid with you and with the world, as a black man I’m always looking for role models who look like me and the latest one I found was your husband, La David. May he rest in peace. And may you find peace when you can finally get a good night’s sleep knowing that this is America. We got your back. Believe that. Signed me, Don lemon. Now I want to turn now to CNN senior political analyst — sorry. I’m sorry.

Hogging the Spotlight

Don Lemon doesn’t really care about this widow or her condolences. The man loves theatrics. He has to; because the show has little else.

Fake News CNN hates that the president calls them out as frauds. At the beginning of the video Lemon points out how many times President Trump criticized him.

If Lemon was criticized by the president, then Lemon deserved it. President Trump can handle legitimate criticism and is happy to debate points. However, CNN proves time and again to be over the top.

This broadcast was just Lemon’s attempt at payback. But the theatrics were just bad acting.



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