ESPN under fire for sexual harassment

ESPN under fire for sexual harassment

Given the sexual revolution that was said to have occurred courtesy of the Women’s Movement, I’m amazed that we deal constantly with sex-related issues in business.

Another industry that finds itself embroiled in controversy due to women is sports.

As Lifezette reports,

ESPN is trying to claim the moral high ground this week, but its dark past and dim present are making it difficult for it to do so.

The sports network garnered attention recently when it announced the cancellation of “Barstool Van Talk,” a football-centered program featuring two Barstool Sports personalities, Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter. The series aired a grand total of one episode. ESPN put out a brief press release on Twitter saying the network did not want to be associated with the male-geared sports website due to complaints of sexist and crude content.

“While we had approval on the content of the show, I erred in assuming we could distance our efforts from the Barstool site and its content,” said ESPN president John Skipper in the public statement.

What’s interesting about this discussion is that ESPN supposedly knows about the “controversy” of the show.

They wanted the viewers, who represented “everyday American” sports fans who loved the show, “controversy” notwithstanding.

Here is the tweet that sparked it all:

Sam Ponder is a woman, and quite attractive woman at that.

Here is what the post read that got Ponder upset:

“Seriously you sound like a KO Barstool freak, not a chick that has a job where the #1 requirement is you make men hard. So give it a rest with your righteous indignation. Your entire career and livelihood is based on appealing to guys like me and blogs like ours. Bottomline is guys thinking chicks are hot is natural. It’s Darwinism. It’s never gonna change. But that doesn’t mean we don’t respect women and think it’s okay to hit a woman. I have no idea what’s so confusing about that. Go f–k yourself.”

Although the man wasn’t exactly eloquent, his content was spot on.

One of the show hosts responded:

What you’re hearing is that America, particularly sports fans want HONEST discussion of sports. Sometimes those honest discussions involve things like sports fans’ outrage over black multi-millionaires taking a knee, ergo disrespecting the country. Or those discussion involve women in sports, even things like how sexy Sharipova is in her skimpy tennis outfits.

As Randy Travis wrote in a song, “All long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men”. Some things are just what men and women do, despite the attempt to make us all into asexual drones.

All these special interest movements haven’t empowered the groups they supposedly represent. Instead, they’ve had the opposite effect. Blacks complain more today than they did in the ’60s when racial issues were legit. The same is true of women.

The article continues.

Former Playboy model Jenn Sterger took to Twitter on Monday — not to defend Barstool Sports, but to attack ESPN for the sexism she allegedly experienced from employees of the company. In her tweetstorm, Sterger alleged that she was brought out to a club, which turned out to be a strip club, by an ESPN colleague after a test for a show.

“I had to watch as my male co-workers got lap dances from girls while they teased me about how I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to participate,” wrote Sterger. She added that she spoke to two of her bosses about the incident, but was met with resistance.

“They admonished me and said it was a bad look for the company for me to be there and to never do it again,” she claimed. “I was fired before my plane landed in Tampa.”

Perhaps ESPN was saying to Sterger, grow up. Men go to strip clubs. They go there to see the beautiful women who work there. And the women working there are not forced to do so. So get over yourself.

For the record, I’m not protecting ESPN.

They canceled the show after ONE taping. And, I’m glad they canceled the show, which likely would have been successful, if allowed to “be itself”.

Next, I hope these women sue ESPN and the parent company, Disney, for millions. Do they have cause? Hell no! But that’s not my point. I just want to see the Left continue to eat their own.

We’ve endured many ESPN analysts who have gone from sports announcers to political pundits and social justice warriors. Jemele Hill just came off suspension for using her position at ESPN to denigrate the president. And she is not alone.

The network exudes progressivism. And now ESPN finds itself unable to stay within the lines drawn by Leftism. So let them live with the monster they created.

I suggest that Leftism has reached its pinnacle. Soon, America will go back to being America. Where we can talk about whatever is on our minds without offending everybody.



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