Flag Throwing Protester: Setup by Senator Corker [VIDEO]

Flag Throwing Protester: Setup by Senator Corker [VIDEO]

An odd man showed his anti-Trump sentiments by throwing pieces of a Russian flag at the POTUS.

Oddly, just moments before, the protester was pictured next to Senator Corker.

The protester was identified as Ryan Clayton. The 36-year-old is president of a progressive political group known as “Americans Take Action”.

Clayton took action in the White House by shouting “Trump is Treason” and throwing pieces of a Russian flag at Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Let’s be honest. If Clayton were black he would have been shot. {You’re welcome, BLM!}



Instead, Clayton was taken into custody and later charged with unlawful conduct.

Although the President wasn’t injured, the incident raises quite a few concerns. The immediate question is just how did Clayton get so close?

Fox News Congressional correspondent Chad Pergram noted this security breach as well.

Pergram went on to say that the authorities noted this as well.

Supposedly, Clayton gained access using a bad ID badge. He made it all the way to an area dubbed “super secure”. And you can bet that if Clayton looked like a radical Muslim access would have been that much easier.

The ease at which Clayton got access makes some people wonder if he had help?

Of course he had help. The DNC likely got the Russians to get him the fake ID. And don’t be surprised to learn that the Russians make them in an office inside Chuck Schumer’s compound in the Hart Building.

This man is a threat to the president. And according to Clayton, his group plans to “resist Trump’s regime every day, every step of the way.”

Is Corker Involved?

Rumors swirling around DC question whether Senator Corker had any involvement in this anti-Trump display. Corker is the most outspoken establishment Republican to publically attack the President. Corker recently made headlines with his own anti-Trump rhetoric.

Last month, Corker said:

“The President has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.”

Shortly thereafter, Corker announced he will not seek reelection.

Sarah Sanders responded.

“The President wants people in the Senate who are interested in moving the ball down field.”

Sanders also pointed out that Corker likely wouldn’t win reelection after his recent public comments.

Although I’m guessing Corker’s involvement in Clayton’s protest is just the DC rumor mill, it’s certainly possible. A Senator opposing Trump might be willing to facilitate a high profile protest.

Americans Take Action

Clayton believes his protest was a big success. And not surprising, his group is calling him a hero after the escapade. According to the group’s website, they have three main goals.

1. Restore free and fair elections in America by creating a separation of wealth and state, guaranteeing the freedom to vote, and ensuring every vote cast gets counted.

2. Create a purpose-driven economy where the work of all people is respected, where every person can serve a productive purpose in our society, and where your contribution to your community is recognized and rewarded.

3. Resist any and all threats to a free and open internet so that it can continue to be a tool for communication and connection for all people in our country and around the world.

Unfortunately, this group is misguided, but what else is new.

President Trump works diligently towards each of those goals, unlike his predecessor. Regarding voter fraud, nobody has been more vigilant against voter fraud. The president has been more vocal in getting the voter roles in order than almost anybody. Leftists who condone voter fraud look for ways to cheat at elections, and deny the problem exists.

And the best way to make people productive in society is by getting them jobs. The president has created 1.7 million of them in less than a year. At this time in his presidency, Obama had lost almost 5 million jobs.

Clayton is the typical Leftists patsy. He’s been fed talking points, force fed the narrative. He will one day be some Leftists foie gras.

He and many other Leftists were told to promote the Russian narrative, thus the tattered flag. And Leftists do what they’re told…or the money stops.

In another statement, Clayton said:

“Russians hacking our democracy to elect Trump should tell you everything you need to know about him. If Putin picked our President, not We the People, then Trump must be rejected by the Electoral College,” Clayton told KTVZ-TV. “Trump is a clear and present danger to our country and the world. The men and women who died for our freedoms deserve better than this.”

What will Clayton do when he learns the truth?

He will deny the existence of truth, and cling to his ideals. Anything less would mean he would have to actually think.

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