Former Fox Host Andrea Tantaros Causing Waves with Bikini Pic

Former Fox Host Andrea Tantaros Causing Waves with Bikini Pic

I’m friends with Andrea Tantaros. She’s smart  and fun. Also, as some realize, she’s hot.

Andrea left Fox New under inauspicious circumstances and not much had been heard from her. During her hiatus from Fox, I pressed her on my radio show to provide more detail around her departure. However she said she couldn’t talk about it. I left things at that.

As it turned out, Andrea was embroiled in controversy that led to a lawsuit. I learned of this later, but never followed up with her on this.

We gave away one of her books, the title and cover of which led to part of her troubles at Fox. From what I remember, Fox thought her cover and subject matter was too provocative. Andrea’s position is that a woman can be a feminist, while respecting her man.

I agree. And frankly, Lady Gaga said something very similar.

Since Andrea’s departure from Fox News, my star rose a bit–though nothing like hers. Regardless, people would ask me about her, and admittedly I was curious what she was doing myself.

The last time we talked, she was dating a rocker who had a reality show about tattoo artists. I figured with her potential settlement, and hanging with the stars, she was doing fine.

Knowing her the way I do, I know that whatever Andrea was doing, she was going hard at it. She worked hard to get a spot on Fox News as a floater. Eventually she landed a spot on Outnumbered.

Enough about the past.

Well there has been an Andrea Tantaros spotting.

I must say, she’s looking good. Twitter agreed with me!

@Major_Skidmark commented, “Good thing you’re on the beach surrounded by sand and water. No chance your hotness will start a forest fire.”

Indeed it was good that Andrea was nowhere near California lest she get arrested for starting that fire.

Old_Sport finds himself in love!

I’m sure I speak for many men (and potentially some LGBTQ women) when I say, “Get in line!”

My friends are already hitting me up to arrange something. Like I’m Harvey Weinstein or something!

I will end the Twitterfest with Scott who comments, “Hot diggity you are gorgeous. That is all.

That is all. Kudos Andrea. Glad to see you’re back!


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