MUST SEE: Gold Star Widow Stands Up for President Trump

Gold Star Widow Stands Up for President Trump

Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar came back to the United States in a flag-draped casket.

President Trump honored his service with a personal call to his family.

Honestly, as I write this story, chill bumps are taking over my arms and legs. I’m imagining the men and women in my family who served this great country with honor. They are the reason I stand for the flag every time I see it raised. I know millions of Americans, like me, have that one family member who reminds them to be proud of their country.

For the family of Sargent Mark De Alencar, he’s the hero. Shortly after his death on April 8th, 2017, his wife tried to go about her day. She went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Surely, her head was spinning with grief. However, she’s the mother of five. And mother’s have to keep on going.

A military officer was still at her house, helping with arrangements, when the phone rang. It’s a conversation one widow will never forget.

Mr. President on the Line

Trump greeted the widow kindly. He called her husband a hero. But what impressed Natasha De Alencar most was Trump’s compassion. The President took the time to learn about the soldier before calling his widow. Trump knew about their children, about the awards Mark earned, and the details of his passing.

The widow describes herself as a democrat, adding that she “doesn’t do politics”. However, Trump didn’t try to play political games. Instead, he engaged as a fellow parent, asking about children. Trump even took interest in her son’s football career and his academic scholarship.

As CNN noted:

“Tell them their father was a great hero that I respected,” Trump said.

The President told De Alencar to take care of herself and extended an invitation to visit the White House. “If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office,” he said.

De Alencar said it was important to record the call.

“All you got is memories and having the commander in chief call you for five minutes is an important memory,” she said.

A Celebrated Life

The De Alencars shared fifteen years of marriage.

“He is the most amazing, humblest and very soft-spoken,” she said. “Mark was a Ranger and a Green Beret. He made you want to do better. I am a better mother and woman because of him.”

The couple have five children between them: Deshaun Osbourne, 20, Octavia Osbourne, 18, Rodrigo De Alencar 16, Tatiyana De Alencar, 13, and Marcos De Alencar, 5.

While the widow did not directly address the recent controversy over Trump’s calls to other families, she offered these words.

“I know they are hurting and they don’t know what the future holds because I know what they are going through,” De Alencar said of the soldiers’ families. “That is the only thing I can comment on from my heart because that is what I know is true.”

Speaking Friday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” she passed along condolences to the families of the four “American heroes.” They paid “the ultimate sacrifice like my husband did,” she said.

“I just wanted to let them know that I understand, and I get it and I just want to let them know — my family to their family — we grieve with you.”

De Alencar was asked whether she was getting everything she needed from the military, such as timely insurance and other benefits.
“Without a glitch, I’ve been blessed,” she said.

De Alencar is overwhelmed by the support her family is receiving. In fact, the Green Berets showed up at her daughter’s graduation to stand up for their fallen brother.

Obviously, President Trump has compassion liberals try to deny. However, you can hear for yourself what kind of president we really do have.




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